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December 29,1997

Mariah Mention on Newsday

From Liz Smith's column in NY Newsday (Sun. Dec 21):

TRAFFIC CAME to a halt the other day in Times Square after word got out that luscious songbird Mariah Carey would be arriving at the midtown studios of MTV to appear for a live interview. Mariah's ratings for her "MTV Live!" stint went through the roof, even surpassing Janet Jackson's recent numbers. Mariah is covering all bases these days. She is also VH1's Artist of the Month, and has a good chance of snaring Artist of the Year. Next stop, the movies! (Hollywood is chafing at the bit to "do something" with Mariah.)

December 29,1997

Mariah at the American Music Awards

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - The Spice Girls, Garth Brooks, Trisha
Yearwood and Mariah Carey are among the artists tapped to
perform during the 25th annual American Music Awards. 

The Jan. 26 ceremony will also boast performances by Janet
Jackson, Matchbox 20, Boyz II Men and Latin crooner Enrique
Iglesias, among others. 

Comedian-actor Drew Carey will host the event, which will take
place at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. It will be
broadcast live by ABC (taped delayed in the West). 

Puff Daddy leads the field with five nominations, followed by
the Wallflowers and Spice Girls with three each. The Spice Girls
are expected to perform via satellite from London. 

Other artists bagging multiple nominations include Babyface,
Erykah Badu, Mary J. Blige, Toni Braxton, Celine Dion, Dru Hill,
Jewel, Matchbox 20, LeAnn Rimes and George Strait. 

How to get tickets and other stuff:

The 25th annual American Music Awards will be held on January
26, 1998, in Los Angeles, California at the Shrine Auditorium. 
Show starts at 3:30pm 

A small number of tickets will be made available to the general
public. Tickets for this show will be sold through Ticketmasters
in L.A. there phone number is 213-480-3232.  And through online.

Tickets go on sale Monday, December 15, 1997

Ticket prices range from $20-$125 each, plus ticktmaster

$20 tickets are up in the balcony,  and $125 tickets which are
down by the orchestra.

Mariah has been nominated for  Soul-Rhythm & Blues - Female
Artist or the Year

The awards will be televised live on ABC.

Mariah's competition for the Female Soul/Rhythm and Blues Artist are Mary J. Blige and Toni Braxton.

December 24,1997

"Butterfly" used in advice column

From LIME (a Singapore local magazine) advice page:

Question: "My Steady & I have been together for two years. I love him but he's soooo possessive. He won't even allow me to go out with my friends. I'm 15 years old. What should I Do?"

Answer:"Spread your wings & prepare to fly/for you have become a butterfly/Fly abandonly into the sun/If you return to him.... you'll know your love was meant to be. Follow Mariah's example: She ditched her bossy husband and look how happy she is now..."

December 4,1997

VH1 Artist of the Month

Those of one who have VH1 can catch Mariah throughout December as its Artist of the Month. Here's a schedule, direct from Sony:

VH1 to One              12/13           1:30pm
                        12/16           9:30pm
                        12/17           4pm
                        12/21           2pm,4pm
Fantasy, @MSG           12/16           8:30pm
                        12/17           3pm
                        12/21           1pm, 5pm
Mariah Carey Spcl 93'   12/16           10pm
                        12/17           2pm
                        12/20           8pm
                        12/21           2:30pm
Mariah Carey Video      12/21           3:30pm

December 4,1997

Latest Derek Jeter Rumor

From the NY Post:

Mariah was recently seen with Derek Jeter having a candlelit dinner and swapping tongues. The couple have had an on and off relationship, and Derek Jeter's teammates have blamed Mariah for a streak of bad games, claiming she doesn't let him get enough sleep, also it's said that last year Jeter's neighbours claimed that whenever Yankees played at home Mariah would show up at his door at 3 am.

December 4,1997

Mariah's BET Contest

From Columbia's Video Promotion News:

The BET contest for Mariah Carey will run from Dec 15th through Jan 2nd. The winner will be chosen at random on Jan 7th during Planet Groove. Winner must name 3 guest stars in any of Mariah's clip's. Prize is a trip for two to Japan to one of her concerts and $1,000 spending money.

December 4,1997

Allure on Mariah

Allure is a group on Mariah's record label, Crave. Their current hit is "All Cried Out," a song that was Mariah's idea to do.

From Melbourne music newspaper (dec. 2)

In the Studio

"She had a lot of input on our album," admits lalisha "and you can tell the songs that she did write and produce because they have that feel."

"Mariah made it as comfortable as possible, she was there every step of the way, every off-note, every sour note, encouraging us,'c'mon you can do it' she spent a lotta hours in the studio with us, she was very professional, she's very funny so it really wasn't like 'just get in there and sing'."

Vocal Coaching
"Out of the four of us, I have the strongest voice" confides lalisha. "Knowing mariah's voice, she has that sweet, airy sound. so she spent a lot of time with me in the vocal booth, because I basically had to pull back a lot to just blend with everyone else."
Advice on Handling the Media
"What she told us was that we have to develop a tough layer of skin, because we're constantly gonna be under the microscope people are just gonna nick and pick at things and try to get at things"

November 26,1997

Bedford Mansion Sold

From Tanya Hart, KACE Radio on E!'s Gossip Show:

It looks like Mariah Carey is putting her singing career on the back burner. She has been taking all these acting classes lately, and looking for that perfect role. After that awful split with ex-hubby Tommy Mottola, things were a little rough. She went back to the basics, like sleeping on the floor of a friend's apartment in Manhattan. Not that she couldn't afford a hotel room, 'cause we know my girl could probably buy a hotel. But hey, when you leave a husband and a 200-room mansion, things can seem a little lonely. Not to worry, though: This is not a princess-to-pauper story. That 200-room mansion was recently sold, and Mariah got half the proceeds, which is not half bad--$5 mil. You go, girl.

November 26,1997

The Roof Video

Roof Capture Roof Capture
Captures from The Roof Section of

From Dan Roberts

The video was pretty good. It starts of with her on a couch in a nice dress singing and the camera moves all over her body (feet, head, arms, etc.) Then it cuts to a scene of her in what looks like a bathroom waiting for someone and she keeps checking herself in the mirror, fixes her shoes, etc. Then she is hanging with a friend on a roof sucking on a lollipop and they show some people dancing. The scene changes and Mariah is now with some guy (me: grrrrr....Jealously levels rising! ;-)). And he starts to hang all over Mariah. I don't think he kisses her. It looks like it a couple of times but they don't seem to actually kiss. He nuzzles her neck a little and then it shows some more people dancing on the roof and then it starts to rain. Then they show the rap parts and some scenes of Mariah all wet on the roof and the guy is still hanging all over her (grrrrr.). And then it shows a scene of Mariah in the bathroom again and then Mariah with the guy AGAIN. This time Mariah's back is to the camera and the guy puts his hands behind her...It looks like he puts it a little TOO low. But I loved the video. Everything except that guy hanging all over!!! I'm jealous! I'm sure a couple of the other guys are jealous too! ;-)

From Sheila Narasimhan
I didn't find the video overtly sexual but its very sexy for a Mariah video. So please people if you hate her. Leave quietly off this list. I don't want to see 1000 arguments about why Mariah is a tramp or whatever. She isn't and the video is mature and sexy...To me this video is a lot more sexy than videos where they are making out a lot. The rule is the best love scenes are the one's in which there's hardly any hardcore action involved. Like in "Ghost" the movie. Ironically the director was Mariah herself and Diane Martel of Dreamlover fame. Those were the good old days but innocence doesn't last forever I guess. And Mariah doesn't seem to be pushing any new envelopes. (Phew!) She's just trying new things.

November 26,1997

Mariah the Actress

In a Swedish interview, Mariah said that she is in talks to do a movie with Touchstone Pictures that she hopes will start filming during 1998. She's also doing the soundtrack for the movie, and she's already recorded one of the songs which was originally meant for Butterfly. The song is rumored to be called "Anything Can Happen."

The movie's about a young 70s singer who beats the odds to become a superstar (sounding familiar?). However, the story is "not so cute" and includes things from Mariah's own childhood that could be shocking. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The film is tentatively titled "All That Glitters" and Mariah is reportedly developing the film from her own concept. She also says that the film is not autobiographical (yeah, right!)

The Wall of Sound recently had an article about this, referring to it as a "Disney film." Actually, it's not really a "Disney film" like in cartoons and such. Touchstone Pictures is merely a division under Disney.

Also, according to the tabloids, Mariah has already signed a three-picture movie deal worth $15 million!

November 26,1997

Mariah at the UNICEF Gift of Life concert

MARIAH CAREY, Aaliyah, Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, The Bacon Brothers, Aaron Neville, Simply Red, Wyclef Jean, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Shawn Colvin are among the artists who have been added to the lineup for the UNICEF Gift of Life concert at NY's Beacon Theatre. The benefit, for which each artist will donate the copyright from a song to UNICEF, will be broadcast LIVE on cable channel TNT Dec. 10.

November 25,1997

"Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men Headline Nobel Prize Concert"

From Billboard Online

Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, Emmylou Harris, Jewel, Sinead O'Connor, and Youssou N'Dour are among the artists scheduled to perform Dec. 11 at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo's Nationaltheateret. The concert is in honor of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines and its coordinator, Jodi Williams, who will, one day earlier, receive the Nobel Peace Prize for 1997. Public broadcaster NRK is offering concert rights to TV stations worldwide, while national TV channel NRK1 will broadcast an edited version of the show later that day. Two as-yet-unnamed U.S. stations are also scheduled to run a 2 1/2-hour excerpt.
Related News: Mariah and the Boyz will be dedicating their performance to Princess Di. Michael McCrary said in an interview that he and the Boyz would be performing other songs also, but no word on Mariah.

November 26,1997

Mariah on the Rosie O' Donnell Show

Captures from The Rosie Section of

Mariah performed "My All" and then talked with Rosie on Nov. 25th. Of course, I missed everything but the last part because my local station decided to preempt the show with some "breaking news." But here's what one person who did see it had to say:

She performed "My All" which was great (better than 
she did on SNL IMHO). She even said she was sorry if she sounded raspy, 
because she was out at a Fresh Air Fund benefit last night, and they were 
piping in smoke to add to the mood. Not a good thing to do, but she sang 
wonderfully anyway.

She then gave a real interview, not at all like she did on Letterman 
where she just kinda smiles and says she's doing fine; she was telling 
stories of her growing up and she was joking with Rosie the whole time. 
Mariah said she was starting her tour in January (no dates or locations 
though...) and she said they were trying to decide if they should release "My All" as a single (she said if we liked it, maybe they would do it).

And if anybody doesn't like the skimpy clothes she's been wearing lately, you won't like the dress she had on. It was a REALLY short tan skirt and top which showed a whole lot of leg. She sat down for the interview with 
her legs crossed (she didn't really have a choice, or we would have seen 
things we're not supposed to see). I mean, she still looks good, but I 
kinda wish she would be a little more conservative you know?

November 25,1997

Mariah on Saturday Night Live

SNL Capture SNL Capture
Captures from The SNL Section of

Mariah sang "Butterfly" and "My All" on Saturday Night Live November 15th with Claire Danes as host. It was her first appearance on the show since she came out with her debut album! Butterfly was okay. It was better than on Letterman in that she seemed more comfortable. My All was even better. She really sang it perfectly.

November 13,1997

Live Appearance in Germany

Mariah performed Butterfly in Germany's biggest TV show "Wetten Dass...?(Wanna bet...?).

Here's what one viewer said:

When she started I was sure she was lypsynching,like we heard it from Oprah, b/c it sounded just like on CD.When it came to the chorus it was definitely live, you could hear it clearly that the background singers were singing live just like Mariah did.She even left out the part where she sings "spread your wings and fly..." with an extra force. Afterwards the host emphasized "This was live live live!". So I have decided, for my part, to believe it.Mariah seemed a little shy when the host came to meet and thank her,but she could not help laughing when he noticed that the way her background ladies were standing it looked like "small, medium and large".
Check out screen shots of this performace at

November 13,1997

Mariah on cover of Cosmo

Read the article and see the pictures at

November 3,1997

Quincy Jones Benefit

Quincy Jones -- The First 50 Years (ABC)

A two-hour entertainment spectacular honoring Quincy Jones, the renowned composer, arranger and producer. Already set to appear live at the event are: Ashford and Simpson, Patti Austin, Mariah Carey, Tevin Campbell, Lesley Gore, Whitney Houston, James Ingram, Chaka Khan, Little Richard, Lionel Richie, Smokey Robinson, Salt 'n Pepa, Stomp, Tamia, Nancy Wilson and Stevie Wonder.

The show was taped in Pasadena, CA Nov. 1st with Oprah Winfrey as the Hostess and MARIAH performing. No word on when the show will air on ABC. Visit for more info.

November 3,1997

Mariah involved in the Refugee Project

Mariah has been named a member of the Board of Trustee of The Refugee Project, founded Lauryn Hill Of The Fugees. Mariah will appear at a fundraiser for the Project Nov. 4. Read the Article

November 1,1997

The Derek Jeter rumor, true?

In the October 26th issue of The Parade, a magazine supplement to major newspapers in the USA, a question submitted to "Walter Scott's Personality Parade" concerns the Derek Jeter rumor.

Q: I've been hearing rumors that Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter and pop singer Mariah Carey were dating. Any truth to those stories?--L. Tatum, Patchogue, N.Y.

A: A source close to Sony Music honcho Tommy Mottola, Carey's estranged husband, tells us Mariah, 27, and Derek, 23, began seeing each other last November, despite her recent denials to the press. Our source also says Mottola, 48, is "heartbroken" and desperately wants to save his marriage to Sony's most popular songbird. That was one of the reasons he built Carey a $10 million home with a recording studio in Bedford, N.Y., shortly after they wed in 1993. But insiders say she felt like a bird in a gilded cage and found marriage to an older man boring. Her search for independence is reflected in her album Butterfly, released last month.

The rumor first broke in the tabloids, which aren't exactly known for their accuracies. But this one caught on, which made me think that it was true. When Mariah was on Letterman the day after Parade came out and Dave asked about false rumors in the tabloids, Mariah seemed very reluctant to say names and when finally pressed by Letterman, she mentioned everyone EXCEPT for Derek Jeter.

November 1,1997

Mariah on Letterman

Mariah appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman October 27th and sang Butterfly. For anyone who missed it, go to for a streaming video of the show.

Mariah was wearing a black dress and sporting a blond do (imagine!). I personally didn't like the blond look, although it did look better than her hair in the Butterfly video. Dave talked to her about her dog (who was on the show when Mariah last appeared on Letterman), her divorce, and her new album. When talking about who she worked with, Mariah told how she went down to Virginia to colloborate with Missy Eliot and she had a hangover and then passed out. After all the rumors about being rejected for apartments because she was too "wild", Mariah said that she has finally find an apartment in NY. Then Dave asked about rumors of her seeing other people and who the tabloids have falsely linked her to. Mariah seemed uneasy and responded, "everyone." Then, later in the show, Dave asked the question again and Mariah said Donald Trump and some other guy. I found it interesting that Mariah didn't mention Derek Jeter, who she's been most linked to. So maybe that rumor isn't false??

As for the Butterfly performance, a lot of people thought it was great, but I thought she could've done better. It sounded great, but for most of the song, it seemed like every word she sang was a struggle by the way she was grimacing. When I was watching it, I was afraid that she would sing and then nothing would come out of her voice. The power voice for the bridge was there, but again, it seemed liek she was struggling and she was forcing it. It'll be interesting to see how her voice fares in the upcoming World Tour. A related note: you know how people thought she lipsynched Butterfly on the Oprah show? Well, the general consensus now is that Mariah actually sang it, but for one reason or another, the performance was dubbed over in the TV version. The only reason I can think of is that it was bad, and Mariah didn't want people to see it. How bad? I guess we'll never know.

November 1,1997

Mariah's "Hero"

"Hero" will be in an official commemorative double CD called "Diana, Princess of Wales -- Tribute." The CD features 36 tracks with 13 original songs. It will be out December 1st.

Speaking of "Hero," Billboard Online had a really nice piece about how "Hero" was made. Read it here. This is basically what the article said: the lyrics to the song "Hero" was written by Mariah and her partner Walter A. for someone else to sing as the title track of a movie with Dustin Hoffman, also called "Hero." According to Walter, this wasn't the type of song Mariah would sing since it was "schmaltzy." But Tommy Mottola saw the lyrics and told Mariah to sing it herself.

October 16,1997

Butterfly Single Release Date lists the release for the BUTTERFLY SINGLE as November 3rd!!! At this online music store, you can now purchase in advance these titles:
CAREY MARIAH  BUTTERFLY    9.95  11/03/97  CD Single 
CAREY MARIAH  BUTTERFLY   15.95  11/03/97  CD Maxi Single
CAREY MARIAH  BUTTERFLY   14.00  11/03/97  12" Maxi Single Vinyl

Some steep prices, so I wouldn't recommend buying just yet.

October 16,1997

L.A. Interview

While in L.A. for the Seven Days in Tibet premiere (see next news story), Mariah did a radio interview for 92.3 The Beat for half an hour. They played Breakdown, Always Be My Baby (The Remix) and The Roof. She said that all the other movie rumors out there were not true (What rumors?) and that the real movie she will be in, the script is still being written for this instant. She said she already got a song for the soundtrack, in fact she was going to put it in her Butterfly album but she decided that she wanted to save it for the soundtrack instead. She was also majorly flirting with the guy at the radio station, saying stuff like "Ken looks good tonight ladies or Ken, you have a sexy voice." She was eating popcorn there too...she said "The Beat makes good popcorn you guys!!"

Also... she said that she is making the remix and video for "The Roof" right now!!

October 16,1997

Mariah, Brandy, and Brad Pitt

On a recent episode of MTV Week In Rock, Brandy was talking about her favorite artists (which includes Mariah) and how she records. She said that when she works on a song she will record it one way and when she goes in her car she will listen to Track 4 on Mariah's CD (The Roof, my personal fav.) and then goes back into the studio and wants to get her song to the quality of Mariah's.

The Brad Pitt connection: Mariah was at the L.A. premiere of Seven Years in Tibet. She reportedly dyed her hair blond for it! A tabloid said that Mariah and Brad Pitt were getting close and he gave her his phone number. Hmmm...

October 16,1997

Weird Elton John connections

Track #10 of Butterfly, the interlude, contained lyrics written by Elton John and his partner Taupin (forgot first name). Elton's new album, The Big Picture, contains a song called The Roof.

October 16,1997

Japanese Tour

Yes, it's another Japanese Tour!! The Butterfly tour will begin with 4 dates at the Tokyo Dome in January. Details can be found in the World Tour section. Hey Mariah, the world is more than just Japan!!

October 16,1997

Mariah Contest on The Box

The Box, a music video channel, is doing a Mariah contest. You can win a Sea Doo Bombardier Wave Runner (the jet ski in the Honey video), Sony 100 disc CD changer (model# CDP-CX151), Mariah Carey CD Catalog, or a Sony Portable CD player & Mariah Carey "Butterfly" CD. More details can be found at

October 4, 1997

Mariah at Madison Square Garden

Mariah will host and perform in the holiday jams at Madison Square Garden Nov. 13th 1997. Tickets are on sale now!

According to one source, Sony and Columbia are denying that this has been confirmed, saying instead that it is mostly hype by DJ's over something that probably won't happen. If Mariah does decide to host the event, says Sony, she most likely will not perform.

October 4, 1997

USA Today Article


That little butterfly Mariah Carey went to a party celebrating her record producer's new Manhattan restaurant Tuesday night, and who should be there but her estranged husband, Tommy Mottola.

The pair seemed startled to see eachtother. It may have been one of their first meetings since their marital breakdown this summer. They didn't kiss, just shook hands across the table and stayed at opposite ends of the Cheetah Lounge.

That's where the party adjourned from Sean "Puffy" Combs' Justin's, where Donald Trump and Mike Tyson were on hand.

October 4,1997

Hunk Currying Carey's Favor

From the Liz Smith gossip column:

Jeff Timmons, the hunky TOM CRUISE look-alike of Motown's 98 DEGREES boytoy goup is the latest to be linked to delectable diva MARIAH CAREY. Now that she is footloose and fancy free, no longer inhabiting TOMMY MOTTOLA'S spectacular manse, Carey been looking more luscious than ever. She can't seem to say "hello" to a guy without somebody insisting it's a romance.

Well, Carey is hot as a pistol--She now has the most No.1 singles of any female artists, edging out MADONNA and WHITNEY HOUSTON. Most of her fans want to envision her life as one endless erotic daydream, but the truth is Carey is career-obsessed. Hate to burst the bubble, but high-profile women like Carey probably have less romance in their lives than the average woman at the 7-Eleven Checkout.

October 4, 1997

The Butterfly Video

From Sony:

MTV will present the world premiere of "Butterfly," the new Mariah Carey video (and title track from her best-selling new album) on Monday, October 6, at 7am, 9am, 11am, 4pm, 6pm, and 9pm. You can catch "Mariah Carey - Raw" on MTV on Wednesday, October 1, Friday, October 3, and Sunday, October 5, at 7pm.

Beginning Tuesday, October 7, you'll be seeing "Butterfly" on VH1, the Box, and BET. Watch the Box for details on a Mariah Carey contest from October 1-22; a two-part "Box Talk" with Mariah begins running on October 23.

VH1 has named Mariah Carey the network's Artist Of The Month for all of December, so stay tuned for a cornucopia of Carey come Christmastime.

From Vision Member:

As everyone who saw Mariah Carey Raw on Sunday night...they showed a few more different clips of Mariah's "Butterfly" video. I'm thinking this will even be better than the "Honey" video:) I've been thinking of the video and it's story (if it has one), and here's what I have come up with:

I see Mariah wondering through the country side/fields, and she's absorbing all of nature around her...watching butterflies (duh!) on flowers and fluttering away, birds soaring in the blue sky, and picking flowers and putting them on her hair:) She's singing as she does these things. And then she spots the horse, and it is confined within a wooden fence.

She sings to herself that wild horses must run unbridled or their spirits die...and then she flings the gate open and watches the horse gallop away into the horizon (corny, I know:) That's when she tries to run after it (remember the clip of her running), but she knows she can't catch up...but it's o.k. because she was able to set free a creature that would have died if kept there by itself.

Then comes the clips of her on the tree branch(?) singing...and her leaning on the trunk of a tree, on the verge of tears. Finally, at the end of the video, she is alone in the middle of the field...she bends on her knees and sings the part, "Spread your wings and fly. Butterfly." The camera moves up, from Mariah to the sky, as her lovely voice fades away:)

By the way, in Australia, Honey is being released as a video cassette, containing the original video and the remix video.

September 27,1997

Mariah vs. Janet in Entertainment Weekly

From the next issue of E.W. (not the one with MC on the cover):
THE DUEL: Mariah Carey vs. Janet Jackson
THE STAKES: The pop-diva throne. On Oct. 7, three weeks after the release of Carey's hip-hop flavored Butterfly, Jackson's The Velvet Rope hits stores. It would seem Carey has the upper hand: Besides being first out, her last effort, 1995's Daydream, sold 9 million copies; 1993's janet sold 6 million. But Jackson's ambitious Rope, which includes forays into rap and tribal music, will make her a strong competitor. "Janet's album is going to broaden her sonic palette," says Billboard's director of charts, Geoff Mayfield, who predicts the two records will be neck and neck. "It expands her potential" THE LINE: Carey probably still has the edge--Butterfly debuted last week at No. 1--but Jackson will likely prove that the charts aren't a one-woman show.
Accompanying picture is a caricature of Mariah with boxing gloves and Janet swinging a rope around.

September 27,1997

A Mariah Remix CD?

The December issue of Black Beat magazine has a two page article on Mariah. The article says that Mariah is going to release a CD of remixes done with David Morales. There will be 4 new remixes in addition to the ones that can be found on singles.

September 26,1997

Early Reactions to Butterfly single

From Hitmakers, the radio industry magazine:

STRONG response from radio in ALL formats...New at: HOT97,

"What a grabber!"

"Pretty song!"

"Pulling real strong early phones. No surprise there."

"Getting phones already!"

MARK ALLEN, PD, KYLZ, Albuquerque
"Great ballad!"

"I like it. It's a great second single!"

JEFF 'HITMAN' DeWITT, PD/MD, KBFM, McAllen-Brownsville
"It is an automatic!"

"Hey, Oprah doesn't do an entire show with some schlep who's not going to ever have any more hits!
Mariah looks great, and this is going to be a huge smash!"

"Will be huge!"

"In Rotation and destined to be a smash!"

"Very mass-appeal - sounds like a top 5 record!"

"Another Mariah smash!"

"This will be big! She is a megastar, and was mega-sexy at the New York premiere party for this album!"

September 26,1997

Honey: A Sales Disaster?

According to the Music Central article Empty "Honey" Pot May Affect Mariah's Butterfly Net, Columbia Records is racing to promote the next single Butterfly because Honey is not doing well. Even though it debuted at #1 and had a three-week stay at the top spot, sales are not comparable to those of Mariah's previous hits and is losing airplay fast. Also, the article says that there are four versions of the Honey video, the first two rejected by MTV because it was too long and "boring."

September 25,1997

Butterfly Debuts at #1

As predicted by many, Mariah's new album reached #1 in its first week on the charts. The album reportedly sold 235,000 copies, making it the 4th biggest debut for a female artist, behind Janet Jackson's Janet (350,000), Selena's Dreaming of You (331,000), and Mary J Blige (240,000). Mariah also holds the 5th biggest debut position with her last album Daydream. In addition, Mariah now holds the second place for the category of most #1 albums by a female (she has 4), topped only by Barbra Streisand with 7 #1 albums.

September 25,1997

Mariah on the International Charts

Germany 9/16/97   Butterfly #15 DEBUT
UK 9/15/97        Butterfly #2 DEBUT,        Honey #14
France 9/13/97    Butterfly #6 DEBUT
Canada 9/27/97    Butterfly #1               Honey #3
Australia 9/7/97                             Honey #12
Italy 9/15/97                                Honey #10
Eurochart 9/17/97 Butterfly #5 DEBUT         
Sweden GLF 9/12/97                           Honey #8 DEBUT

From Sony: Butterfly is #1 in Japan, Canada, and Holland.

September 24, 1997

Mariah to Sing in Christmas Collection

According to MTV, a Christmas album entitled "Superstar Christmas" to be released October 14th will feature Mariah, Boyz II Men, Tony Bennett, Bruce Springsteen, Frank Sinatra, Celine Dion, Cyndi Lauper, John Lennon, and Luther Vandross, among others. The proceeds will benefit the T.J. Martell Foundation for Leukemia, Cancer, and AIDS Research.

September 23, 1997

Billboard reviews Butterfly single

"Honey" may still be lingering in the hearts of many, but Columbia is wisely beginning to stoke the flames of early interest in the title cut from La C's fine new collection. While "Honey" had a natural edge of adventure, the lovely "Butterfly" is classic Carey, from its gospel-kissed ballad instrumentation and choir chants to the diva's soaring, glass-shattering performance. This should not imply, however, that she is covering crusty old ground. The notable maturity in her lyrics and worldly warmth of her vocal reflect the growth that she has continually strived to attain. The fact that it's placed in a mildly familiar package that Carey's faithful followers will be quick to embrace is only a bonus.

September 20, 1997

Mariah lounging

From People Magazine:

Mariah Carey lounges with Boyz II Men during a celebration of her new album "Butterfly" in the London club Cafe de Paris. (see photo)

Hey, is it just me or is Mariah doing a lot of interviews in beds lately?

September 20, 1997

Mariah to tour in Florida

Who knew that an article in the Orlando Sentinel about the hope diamond would involve Mariah Carey? The article talked about Florida Entech Corp., an Orlando company that creates rides and animatronics for theme parks and museums, and in the very last paragraph of the article, it talked about the company's current project, one of which is part of the stage for singer Mariah Carey's upcoming tour. Although no specific city is provided for her tour, it seems logical that it would be Orlando.

September 19, 1997

Mariah on E!

From Columbia's Daily Dish:

When you're channel-surfing this weekend (September 20 and 21), plan on spending some time watching the E! Network. The cable network's "E! News Daily" will be running exclusive footage of the celebrity-dappled Mariah Carey "Butterfly" release party held last Tuesday at Manhattan's Chelsea Piers. The segment includes an interview with Mariah that you won't want to miss.

I saw this and it wasn't that much worth it. The actual interview as incredibly short, and Mariah basically just talks about how her lyrics are more personal on her new album, etc. Stuff most of us knew already. E! showed clips of her appearance at Tower Records, interviewed some girl who was there, showed clips of the release party, and said how Honey was Mariah's 12th #1 single. Mariah was wearing this funky top which showed a whole lot of skin. See the following CNN article for a picture and more details.

September 19, 1997

A soaring celebration of Mariah Carey's new album

as reported by CNN

September 18, 1997

Mariah on Entertainment Weekly Cover

EW Cover Containing 2 full pages of never-before-seen pictures plus a long, well-written article about the breakup. Some very interesting quotes from Mariah and her associates and lots of inside info. A must read!!

Read it online at Entertainment Weekly's site.

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