|Best of Anime|
Classic Japanese animation (plus URLs) not to be missed by anyone new to the genre.

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|VG Ai|
The anime version of Video Girl Ai, a heartrending short series about a boy's love gained and lost when he rents a tape from a magical video shop.

Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind. A truly amazing film by Hayao Miyazaki. A battle to save the resources of a dying planet. Breathtaking art and moving story-line. However, the English version, due to poor editing, pales in comparison.

With no robots, no supernatural forces, no magic at all except for what can be found in everyday life, Maison Ikkoku is a light-hearted romantic comedy from Rumiko Takahashi. Life isn't easy for a poor third-rate college student struggling to get through a third-rate college and finding odd jobs, especially if he's trying to impress the woman that he loves, who also happens to be the manager of his apartment.

Akira. One of the defining differences between the target audience of Japanese vs. American animation. Set in post-apocalyptic Tokyo, with violence and no-holds barred realism only a government's holocaust can bring. See a Voyager clip.

Another excellent fantasy from Hayao Miyazaki, about the search for a legendary floating city, Laputa. Like Nausicaä, a good deal of advanced "rural-primitive" technology.

Ranma 1/2 by Rumiko Takahashi. Martial arts, half-crazed fathers, violent classmates, and the ever powerful presence of cold water to change unwilling victims into their worst nightmares...it's a comedy, really it is.

Again by Hayao Miyazaki. Just because the main character is a pig does not necessarily make Porco Rosso a comedy. Set in Italy circa the time of the Red Baron, when planes dueled in the skies for life and glory, it is actually rather serious as anime goes.

Another great film from Hayao Miyazaki, Kiki's Delivery Service is the story of a young girl setting out to make her own way. Only she comes from a family of witches. Amazing art and more breathtaking flight scenes familiar in Miyazaki's work.

Kimagure Orange Road. A high school student is torn between the girl of his dreams and the feelings of a self-proclaimed girlfriend. Throw into this love triangle some telekinesis, teleportation, and telepathy; stir well; and you've got yourself quite a mess on your hands.


Other Anime Sources

The Anime Picture Archive has an extensive collection of anime images. Also check out the Venice site and listen in at The On-line Anime MIDI Server.

|Tenchi slide show|
Something you certainly don't see everyday... the Tenchi Muyo and Sasami Shrine pages contain excellent slide shows of various images from the series. Can't get enough? Want more?

The Anime Web Guide has a very thorough list of anime descriptions and short info. Obviously compiled by a big Miyazaki (but lukewarm Takahashi) fan (or fans).

Aniweb. A well done, growing collection of reader-contributed reviews of anime.

Vote early, vote often. Tell the Anime Exploration Team about your favorite anime and anime characters.


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