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Selected Natalie Portman ARTICLES, more to come soon! 12/28/99
Natalie's Biography in SEVEN LANGUAGES!!! 01/10/2000
English, Spanish, German, Italian, Malay, Polish, Tagalog

Natalie Portman in TWELVE LANGUAGES!!! 01/10/2000
English, Spanish, German, Swedish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese,
Malay, Polish (NEW!), Tagalog, Hebrew (NEW!), Catalan (NEW!)
Contact the Stakawaka in Twelve Languages!! 01/10/2000
New Video Clip Page!!! 9/09/99 (what a cool date)
Previews, Behind-the-scenes, talk shows
New! Mulitple movie reviews for Natalie's movies!
See the 'more information' links in the Filmography! 8/27/99
New! Stakawaka's Natalie Portman Banners! 8/21/99

New Natalie photos! Check out Gallery pages 7 and 8! 8/04/99
Natalie Portman in Star Wars: Episode I! Updated 8/04/99
A Very Important Notice Updated 6/24/99
Happy 18th Birthday Natalie!!! 6/09/99

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