Ned Ashton

(Character summary (up to Oct. 96) from Port Charles Online)

Son of Tracy Quartermaine and Lord Larry Ashton, he posed as a tennis pro at a fat farm and had a brief fling (behind some bales of hay!) with Aunt Monica before he appeared on the Port Chuck scene. Had a disastrous engage- ment and brief (count the femto-seconds) marriage to Monica's daughter, Dawn. Dawn left Ned at the wedding reception, ran away with a dirtbag named Decker, and was killed by a ponytailed no-talent singer named Edge. Later on, Ned married Jenny Eckert. Less than a year later, he filed for divorce because Jenny had lied to him about being a virgin; Ned had divorce papers served on Jenny on Xmas eve [nice gift, buddy!]. Ned owns and runs the Port Charles Hotel in addition to being CEO of ELQ, Inc. He also leads a double life as a big-guy businessman on weekdays and at a rock n'roller on weekends named "Eddie Maine" who sings with the group, The Idle Rich. He married Lois Cerullo, the manager of the band, in June 94.

**Oct 96 -- Ned, stunned that Lois deserted him after a ferocious confronta- tion with Tracy, took his revenge. He demanded that Edward, as part of Ned's agreeing to return as CEO, banish Tracy forever from the family and family mansion. Edward agreed and kicked Tracy out. He and Lila were horrified by the tape Ned played of the fight between Lois and Tracy and were saddened that Lois wouldn't be in PC for the birth of the baby. Ned also stated that he would stay for 6 months then he was going to join Lois and the baby and ELQ would have to find another CEO. Ned refused to go along with Edward's plan and bail out the hospital; he said that ELQ couldn't afford to pour money down a rathole like GH. After Brenda told him that Sonny had assaulted Jax, Ned mentioned to the teensy terror that there might be something embarrassing in Jax's background they could use to oust him from the ELQ board. The lightbulb finally went off over Sonny's head. End of the month Sonny jetted off on the ELQ jet to dig up some dirt on the Jacks family.

**Feb 97 -- Lois returns to town with Brook Lynn, their baby, but leaves shortly after because she discovered that Ned had not told her about his fling with Monica at Monica's trial.


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