Who Killed Dr. Pierce Dorman?

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Monica QuartermaineMonica Quartermaine

Of all of the people in Port Charles, Monica hated him the most, and for good reason. After their affair ended, he sued her for sexual harrassment and won. He used private diary entries from Emily to get all of the dirt on the Quartermaines. And worst of all: He sold drugs to kids, including the drugs that nearly killed Emily. She regretted not killing him when she had the chance, so why would she let a second opportunity get away?

Emily Bowen QuartermaineEmily Bowen Quartermaine

She wasn't exactly in the best state of mind the night that Dorman was murdered. After taking a drug that he was selling, she nearly died. At the hospital, she found out that her friend Matt (who, as we now know, stole her diary to give to Dorman and got her hooked on drugs) died. After discovering that it was her diary that got Monica into so much trouble, she shut down mentally. At the hospital, she started to come around and was not in her room when Dorman died. In the parking lot, we saw Monica and Emily in blood-stained clothes and Monica holding a bloody scaple. Ned took the scaple and kept their secret. Emily is not having flashbacks of the bloody clothes that they wore in the hospital.

Brenda BarrettBrenda Barrett
All of the evidence so far points to her...which is why she probably didn't do it. Her hair matches one of the two hair types found at the scene. The scaple has blood that matches Dormans and is whiped clean of fingerprints. She has no alibi for the time of the murder. However, we do know that she was in the hallway just a few yards from Sonny when the power came back on. Will the PCPD make her into the prime suspect like they did to Laura in the case of Damian Smith, or will the real killer come to light?

We never really saw him dead...we just know that a gun was fired. Could it be that he survived and has been hiding out, plotting revenge? He knew how much Brenda wanted Sonny and he probably hates them both...for what he did to his own daughter. He has the motive and most defintely the means, but is he really alive and did he do it?

More coming soon...

So...who did it? The suspects pictures/motives will be posted here soon, but for now, you can debate this issue on my General Hospital Message Board.


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