Jerry Lewis TRIVIA/FAQs

Jerry Lewis TRIVIA/FAQs

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This page will be updated regularly. Credit will be given to anyone who sends an e-mail with any additional items that can be verified.

This was the very first WWW page devoted solely to Mr. Lewis.

The author of this page has seen Mr. Lewis in person 3 times.

Married Patti Palmer (nee Colonica) on October 3, 1944

Mr. Lewis wears a wedding ring in many of his movies

Martin and Lewis were top box office stars 1950-1956.

In the early summer of 1953 Jerry Lewis hurt his knee on a scooter at Paramount.

Jerry Lewis HOSTED the Academy Awards in Hollywood 1956, 1957 and 1959.

"Alone", he was the top box office star 1957-59,1961-64.

The Jerry Lewis "Walk of Fame" star is at 6801 Hollywood Blvd., Block 2.

Mr. Lewis fathered five sons and has two adopted children . (1 son, Ronnie and 1 daughter, Danielle)

Jerry Lewis is a great-grandfather.

Joe Levitch (who could that be? Not Jerry) co-stars in "THE BELLBOY."

Upon the prompting of Mr. Lewis, James Dean made his film debut in "Sailor Beware."

Jerry's second wife "Sam" is the disco dancer in "Hardly Working."

For many years Mr. Lewis has held the record for being the fastest in Hollywood to draw a gun.

Mr. Lewis is the Executive Producer of the remade "Nutty Professor and N.P. #2."

Jerry Lewis has an official web site that is endorsed. It is produced by his son, Chris Lewis.

Bob Denver (of Gilligan's Island fame)delivered newspapers to Jerry Lewis.

Jerry Lewis played a voice on The Simpsons

This page was not updated the entire 2004 year, including the copyright notice. Did you notice?

December 2004, "The Nutty Professor" is placed in the National Registry of the Library of Congress.

YOUR questions answered:


Q: I'm in a discussion group and recently the subject of charities came up and of course soon came the name of Jerry Lewis. I've been to the MDA sites, etc. and can't find what I need. Can you direct me to any information regarding Jerry's involvement with MDA, I know he's a volunteer but is he unpaid for his services to MDA and just gets expenses. I'd like to know why he got involved with MDA, etc. I remember years ago him getting alot of criticism for his involvement with MDA by some reporter, and Jerry came out swinging and cleared up any criticisms. I'd appreciate any help you can give me in this regards. Thanks so much....Gigi

  • A: All Not-For-Profit organizations must complete a tax form if they make over $30,000. MDA does. This form also lists the "officers." On the MDA form, Jerry Lewis is listed as a NON PAID, honorary member of the board. Most of what you see on the telethons is donated by the "Love Network"; volunteers on the phone and the stars who perform (with permission from the various associations) for the charity.

    Mr. Lewis has never told anyone publicly why he started his crusade against the disease and we may never know.

  • Q: What happened to Patti Lewis? Has he ever been married to a woman named Marie? Thanks. Carrie

  • A: Jerry Lewis' former wife of 36 years, is retired and living on the West coast. She wrote a book in 1995 called, "I Laffed Til I Cried."

    To my knowledge, he was never married to a Marie.

  • Q: How can I find out if Jerry Lewis get a salary for his work with Muscular Dystrophy? I read an article about 5yrs ago, and I believe it said he did get paid for the telethon, Mary.

  • A: Jerry Lewis has never received a salary for his work as honorary national chair of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Their IRS form is public and does not include Mr. Lewis as a paid officer.
  • Q: Can you tell me about one of Jerry's movies that contains a tyypewriter scene and "typing" music where he hams it up including falling of his chair but never missing a beat? Can you tell me what the music is called ? Eddie [a] Fan

  • A: It's called, "The Typewriter." It is in the movie, "Who's Minding the Store?" I also saw him perform this feat in person.

  • A: Jerry Lewis had a triple bypass surgery in December, 1982 at the Desert Springs Hospital, Las Vegas NV.
  • Q: What is the name of the device that helps Jerry Lewis with pain?

  • A: It is a device made by Medtronics and can be seen at

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