If you have a webpage, and your from the state of Ohio, or have a page about ohio in some manor or another,why not join my Ohio Webring!? :) It's simple to join! Please, right click on the ring images and save them and upload them to your server. (Although, if you have limited server space, you may link the picture from me, but please E-mail Me first.) Add yourself to the queue, and I'll add you to the ring! My guidelines for this ring are simple, as well, as they are similar to those of guidelines of geocities. For, I as a homestead like those whom are apart of geocities, must abide by their guidelines that they stipulate. I will not jepordize my page, for any exception on the ring guidelines For the geocities guidelines, go here.

  1. Pages may not be offensive to others, depending on there race and or religion
  2. Pages may not contain pornography of any kind,and may not contain links to sites of that nature.
  3. Pages may contain anything about Ohio
  4. Pages may be personal homepages, about current and or former Ohio residents

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