Batbook (1986)

Quotes from Yvonne Craig:

"One of the reasons I think they hired me was because I had been a dancer. Howie Horwitz, who was the owner, and producer Bill Dozier both knew that. When I went into the office to talk to them, they also asked me if I had ever ridden a motorcycle, which indeed I had and owned one at the time. I did all of my stunts, and I also did all of the motorcycle riding. However, we never did any film mixing with rear screen projections. You never really saw me going fast down the street on that thing, as I recall, from a head-on point of view. I always was going somewhere, and they just filmed wherever it was I was going.

"The motorcycle ride out of the secret exit was an interesting episode. It was the first day of shooting, and I knew the special effects man from somewhere else at Warner Brothers. We had worked together a long time. I had been practicing riding out because I was supposed to ride through a brick wall. It was set up like a long tunnel, and he said, 'Look, if you hit this mark and you at that point absolutely stand on it and give it all you got, it will look like you are riding the wall down. It will be real exciting.' I said, 'Terrific!' So, I did exactly as he said, but a little voice in my head said, keep your hand close to the brakes because, if something goes wrong, you would like to be able to hit the brakes.

"Sure enough, the first shot of the day, I went tearing out, and the wall didn't come down. It was made of plywood and I wouldn't have liked to have gone through it. I hit the brakes, and I went skidding sideways, missing the wall by about an inch. Nobody on the other side knew what was going on. They figured somewhere along the line I had chickened out and decided not to do it at all. Anyway, it worked the second time around."

"The crew and I got along great; the cast - Burt and Adam - very well, although I understand they had had trouble with both of them before I joined the show. I didn't join the show until the third season. By that time whatever trouble they had had with them about being prima donnas, as far as I could tell, certainly with Burt in particular, had vanished. He knew his lines always, he came prepared, and when he finished shooting he went to his dressing room and played chess with somebody. Other than that, he was delightful. All of them were."

"The production crew on 'Batman' were sensational; they all liked one another. We worked very well together. They had worked together for a long time and were held together by the production manager, who was Sam Strangis, who later went on to direct a couple of them and produce other shows at Paramount. If you are a regular in a series, everywhere except Universal, where they change crews on you, you get the same crew every week, so they all get along and work well together and are pulling for the show."

"Alan Napier was heaven. He had this darling little dog, and he and I both brought our dogs to the set.

"Neil Hamilton was in his late sixties when he did that and always knew his lines. He had been a matinee idol.

"Stafford Repp, who played the police chief, got married in the midst of our doing the show."

"I enjoyed doing my own stunts on the show. We would choreograph the stunt on a lunch break or something. When you are doing a show, it can get really dull. You are sitting so long while they set up the lights, then you say a couple of lines, then they tear down the lights again. At least stunts are something that uses your physical energy a great deal."

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