Yvonne Craig's Film and TV Credits

Film Credits - Summary

TV Credits - Summary

Film Credits - Detailed

Eighteen and Anxious
(1957) 93m Republic bw (aka No Greater Sin)

Mary Webster, William Campbell, Martha Scott, Jackie Loughery, Jim Backus, Ron Hagerthy, Jackie Coogan, Damian O'Flynn, Katherine Barrett, Charlotte Wynters, Yvonne Craig (Gloria), Joyce Andre, Slick Slavin, Benny Rubin. Directed by Joe Parker.

Teen exploitation film. Webster is a girl secretly married to a young man who is subsequently killed drag racing. When she later has the youth's baby, she is unable to prove she was married. She refuses to care for the baby, preferring to make a play for jazz trumpeter Campbell. He takes her to Las Vegas but when she realizes he has no intention of marrying her, she leaves, ending up married to disc jockey Hagerthy. Yvonne plays one of Webster's friends, and has a few scenes at the beginning of the movie. This was Yvonne's first time on the big screen.

The Young Land
(1959) 89m Columbia color

Pat Wayne, Yvonne Craig (Elena de la Madrid), Dennis Hopper, Dan O'Herlihy, Roberto de la Madrid, Cliff Ketchum, Ken Curtis, Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez, Edward Sweeney, John Quijada, Miguel Camacho, Tom Tiner, Carlos Romero, Edward Jaurequi, Cliff Lyons, Mario Arteaga, Charles Heard. Directed by Ted Tetzlaff.

Western, staring the son of John Wayne, Yvonne Craig, and Dennis Hopper. Dennis Hopper plays a young malcontent who has goaded a respected Hispanic into a fatal gun battle in the new state of California in the year 1848. His jury trial is watched with great interest by the largely Spanish-speaking citizens of the new state, who consider it to be a test of the Anglo system of justice. When a guilty verdict is reached, the judge faces a difficult sentencing task. He gives the gunman a 20-year suspended sentence, provided that Hopper agree never to wear a weapon again. The disgruntled youth then grabs a gun from deputy marshal Ketchum and challenges the sheriff, Wayne, to an equivalent duel.... Yvonne Craig plays Wayne's love interest, and has several scenes throughout the movie. The film was shot in 1957.

(1959) 95m Columbia color

Sandra Dee, James Darren, Cliff Robertson, Arthur O'Connell, The Four Preps, Mary LaRoche, Joby Baker, Tom Laughlin, Sue George, Robert Ellis, Jo Morrow, Yvonne Craig (Nan), Doug McClure, Burt Metcalfe, Richard Newton, Ed Hinton, Patti Kane. Directed by Paul Wendkos.

Comedy, staring Sandra Dee. The All-American ideal is wholesomely embodied in happy-go-lucky Dee, who became the model of countless teenagers in the late 1950s. Dee plays Gidget (a nickname meaning "girl midget"), a sad-faced youngster who doesn't quite measure up to the chesty, bikinied girls on the beach (guess who). Her mom's reassurances come true when the two grooviest surfers in town, Darren and Robertson, start paying Dee some attention. She falls in love with Darren, who gives up his surfboard at the summer's end and returns to college. Yvonne Craig's main scene is at the beginning of the film, when Dee and her friends (including Craig) go to the beach to attract guys.

The Gene Krupa Story
(1960) 102m Columbia bw

Sal Mineo, Susan Kohner, James Darren, Susan Oliver, Yvonne Craig (Gloria Corregio), Lawrence Dobkin, Celia Lovsky, Red Nichols, Bobby Troup, Anita O'Day, Ruby Lane, Gavin McLeod, John Bleifer, Shelley Manne, Buddy Lester. Directed by Don Weis.

Biography of Gene Krupa, the jazz drummer. Krupa's father wanted him to be a priest, but he chose music instead. He loses Kohner, his loving sweetheart, then gets involved with a "bad" girl, Oliver. Yvonne Craig appears in the first twenty minutes of the film, and plays a youthful nymphet who tries to seduce Krupa; it's a sultry role. (Celia Lovsky, who played T'Pau in the Star Trek episode "Amok Time," plays Krupa's mother. Furthermore, Yvonne Craig and Susan Oliver, who both appear in this film (though they have no scenes together), share something unique in common: they are the only two actresses ever to play green women in the Star Trek series.)

High Time
(1960) 102m 20th Centruy-Fox color

Bing Crosby, Fabian, Tuesday Weld, Nicole Maurey, Richard Beymer, Yvonne Craig (Randy "Scoop" Pruitt), Patrick Adiarte, Jimmy Boyd, Kenneth MacKenna, Gavin McLeod, Nina Shipman, Angus Duncan, Paul Schreiber, Dick Crockett, Frank Scannell. Directed by Blake Edwards.

Bing Crosby Musical Comedy, with Fabian and Gavin McLeod. Crosby is a rich Howard Johnson-type restaurateur with a string of eateries across the country. A 51-year-old widower with two grown children, he feels he's missing something by not going to college, so he enrolls in a local university. Yvonne Craig plays one of the students who befriend Crosby. She has several short scenes with Crosby and dances with him. As a result of being in this movie, Craig meets Jimmy Boyd (who is also in the film; he's the freshman who registers right before Crosby), and they soon married.

By Love Possessed
(1961) 115m United Artists color

Lana Turner, Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., Jason Robards, Jr., George Hamilton, Susan Kohner, Barbara Bel Geddes, Thomas Mitchell, Everett Sloane, Yvonne Craig (Veronica Kovacs), Jean Willes, Frank Maxwell, Gilbert Green, Carroll O'Connor. Directed by John Sturges.

Drama, with a notable cast. Amid the calm pleasantry of this elite suburban east coast town, Zimbalist is plagued with a variety of emotional and social problems. After discovering that the head of his law firm, Mitchell, has been embezzling company money to pay back an old debt of honor, Zimbalist begins to feel stagnant in his marriage to Bel Geddes and his relationship with son Hamilton. He then finds himself in an adulterous affair with Turner, the wife of his crippled law partner, Robards. Yvonne Craig, in her own words, plays "the town tramp from the wrong side of the tracks" who gets mixed up with Hamilton. She is in a few scenes in the middle of the film, including a long sequence with Hamilton. Hamilton walks out on nice girl Kohner, looking instead for a good time. He picks up hash house waitress Craig, of whom the local doctor says, "She's been around more in her twenty years than the moon in its millions." They go to a bar and Craig urges Hamilton to put down his drink, saying, "If I get drunk and pass out, it's no fun for me. If you get drunk and pass out, it's no fun for me." They then spend some time alone in Hamilton's car. This movie was the first one ever shown on an airplane as in-flight entertainment.

Seven Women from Hell
(1961) 88m 20th Century-Fox bw

Patricia Owens, John Kerr, Denise Darcel, Cesar Romero, Margia Dean, Yvonne Craig (Janet Cook), Pilar Seurat, Sylvia Daneel, Richard Loo, Bob Okazaki, Lloyd Kino, Evadne Baker, Yuki Shimoda, Kam Fong Chun, Yankee Chang. Directed by Robert D. Webb.

War Drama, with Cesar Romero. A story about seven women escaping from a Japanese prison camp in New Guinea. Some of the women die along the way, and one takes up with a wealthy planter, Romero. Yvonne Craig plays one of the seven women, and has a large role. She is pregnant when she first arrives at the prison camp, but has a miscarriage before the women begin their escape.

It Happened at the World's Fair
(1963) 105m MGM color

Elvis Presley, Joan O'Brien, Gary Lockwood, Vicky Tiu, H. M. Wynant, Edith Atwater, Guy Raymond, Dorothy Green, Kam Tong, Yvonne Craig (Dorothy Johnson). Directed by Norman Taurog.

Elvis Musical. Bush pilot Elvis goes to the 1962 Seattle World's Fair and finds himself falling in love with nurse O'Brien while taking care of adorable tot Tiu. Yvonne Craig has one scene early in the film. Elvis tries to seduce her by singing, while chasing her around a couch. Yvonne and Elvis dated during October of 1962, after meeting during the making of this film.

Advance to the Rear
(1964) 97m MGM bw

Glenn Ford, Stella Stevens, Melvyn Douglas, Jim Backus, Joan Blondell, Andrew Prine, Jesse Pearson, Alan Hale, James Griffith, Whit Bissell, Michael Pate, Yvonne Craig (Ora), plus a few dozen more. Directed by George Marshall.

Comedy, directed by veteran western director George Marshall. A story about a company of Union Army misfits during the Civil War with Douglas as the hard-headed, by-the-book commanding officer and Ford as his frustrated second-in-command. The bumbling men go through impossible antics, including an attack against Confederate troops without guns. Yvonne Craig is on screen once, for about thirty-eight seconds. She plays a member of a traveling brothel that encounters the Union Army misfits. Yvonne says hello to one of the soldiers, and they exchange a few words and sit down to talk.

Kissin' Cousins
(1964) 96m MGM color

Elvis Presley, Arthur O'Connell, Glenda Farrell, Jack Albertson, Pam Austin, Cynthia Pepper, Yvonne Craig (Azalea Tatum), Donald Woods, Tommy Farrell, Beverly Powers, Hortense Petra, Robert Stone. Directed by Gene Nelson.

Elvis Musical. Elvis is a member of the Air Force sent to a rural area to talk the local inhabitants into selling their land for a base. O'Connell does not want to sell for fear that his moonshining business may be upset. Several romantic liaisons develop: between Elvis and his distant cousins (Yvonne Craig and Pam Austin), and between Elvis (in a dual role as O'Connell's blonde nephew) and a WAC (Pepper). Everything works out in the end. There's a big song and dance at the finish, with Yvonne Craig (among others) dancing, but most shots are very wide, and she is difficult to see. This is one of Craig's largest roles.

Ski Party
(1965) 90m American International color

Frankie Avalon, Dwayne Hickman, Deborah Walley, Yvonne Craig (Barbara Norris), Robert Q. Lewis, Bobbi Shaw, Aron Kincaid, Steve Rogers, Mike Nader, Jo Collins, Mickey Dora, John Boyer, Ronnie Dayton, Bill Sampson, Patti-Chandler, Salli Sachse, Sigi Engl, Mikki Jamison, Mary Hughes, Luree Holmes, The Hondells, James Brown and the Famous Flames, Lesley Gore, Annette Funicello. Directed by Alan Rafkin.

Frankie Avalon Musical Comedy, with Dwayne Hickman (known for Dobie Gillis), Annette Funicello, and James Brown performing "I Got You (I Fell Good)". Avalon and Hickman are a couple of college guys who can't figure out why their girls (Deborah Walley and Yvonne Craig) are attracted to the stodgy Kincaid. Everyone heads off to a ski lodge where Avalon and Hickman take up cross dressing to find out what Kincaid's appeal is. Yvonne is one of the two female leads and appears throughout the movie.

Quick, Before It Melts
(1964) 97m MGM color

George Maharis, Robert Morse, Anjanette Comer, James Gregory, Michael Constantine, Howard St. John, Norman Fell, Janine Gray, Bernard Fox, Richard LePore, Conlan Carter, Yvonne Craig (Sharon Sweigert), and a dozen more. Directed by Delbert Mann.

Comedy. Morse plays a shy journalist who has to cover "Little America" in Antarctica for his magazine. There he becomes embroiled in a series of mishaps involving the military, a rival journalist, and a penguin named Milton Fox. Yvonne Craig is Morse's fiancee, the daughter of the magazine's editor (St. John). She has many scenes with Morse (some on the phone with him), scattered throughout the entire movie.

Mars Needs Women
(1966) 80m American International color

Tommy Kirk, Yvonne Craig (Dr. Marjorie Bolen), Byron Lord, Anthony Houston, Larry Tanner, Warren Hammack, Cal Duggan, and many others. Directed by Larry Buchanan.

Science Fiction. Martians, led by Kirk, come to Earth in search of females to help repopulate Mars. Yvonne Craig plays Dr. Marjorie Bolen, a gerontologist who is abducted by Kirk. Perhaps because of its title and low budget, this film is sometimes reviewed as being very poorly made. Yvonne Craig agreed to be in the film in part because they gave her a free trip to Dallas (where it was filmed), home to her family. She is the female lead in the film, and gives a good performance. Buchanan, the maker of the film, sent me a letter concerning it; it reads in part: "American International pictures contracted me to deliver (as writer, director, producer) twelve Z-grade flicks, these to be churned out between my serious works. Each picture was budgeted at $30,000 script to screen!! (color, two young leads from Hollywood, feature length, shooting schedule, 9 days!) All of the pictures were profitable but the smash was 'Mars Needs Women'! Was it my contributions? Tommy Kirk as lead? The sci-fi genre? None of these. It was the classy, professional, elegant sex appeal of Yvonne Craig. While chaos swirled around her, she just flashed those beautiful green eyes and embraced her role like it was from Arthur Miller or Tennessee Williams. I adored her."

One of Our Spies is Missing
(1966) 91m MGM color

Robert Vaughn, David McCallum, Leo G. Carroll, Maurice Evans, Vera Miles, Ann Elder, Bernard Fox, Dolares Faith, Anna Capri, Harry Davis, Yvonne Craig (Wanda), Monica Keating, Cal Bolder, Robert Easton, James Doohan, Ollie O'Toole, Antony Eustrel, Richard Peel, Barry Bernard. Directed by E. Darrell Hellenbeck.

Man from U.N.C.L.E. tv episodes "The Bridge of Lions Affair", edited together, with additional footage shot using Yvonne Craig as the U.N.C.L.E. secretary. Included in the cast is Star Trek's James Doohan. Several cats from the Soho area of London disappear, and members of U.N.C.L.E. begin to suspect their rival organization, THRUSH, of being behind it. Also, a scientist suddenly looks 30 years younger, and Vaughn is sent to investigate.

One Spy Too Many
(1966) 101m MGM color

Robert Vaughn, David McCallum, Rip Torn, Dorothy Provine, Leo G. Carroll, Yvonne Craig (Maude Waverly), David Opatoshu, David Sheiner, Donna Michelle, Leon Lontoc, Robert Karnes, Clarke Gordon, James Hong, Cal Bolder, Carole Williams, Teru Shimada, Arthur Wong, Robert Gibbons. Directed by Joseph Sargent.

Another Man from U.N.C.L.E. feature made from tv episodes, in this case "The Alexander the Greater Affair". Again extra scenes were shot using Yvonne Craig, this time as Waverly's niece Maude. Rip Torn is a crazed scientist who plans to take control of the world by using his "will gas." Vaughn and McCallum track Torn to his Greek underground palace, but the secret agents are caught and left to die as Torn rushes to America to carry out his plan. Yvonne has many sexy scenes flirting with Vaughn, and one scene of her sun bathing with very little clothing.

In Like Flint
(1967) 115m 20th Century-Fox color

James Coburn, Lee J. Cobb, Jean Hale, Andrew Duggan, Anna Lee, Hanna Landy, Totty Ames, Steve Inhat, Thomas Hasson, Mary Michael, Diane Bond, Jacki Ray, Herb Edelman, Yvonne Craig (Natasha The Ballerina), Buzz Henry, and many more. Directed by Gordon Douglas.

Sequel to the James Bond parody Our Man Flint. Coburn must do battle with a secret society of women villains based in the Virgin Islands, who kidnap American astronauts and replace them with members of their squad to gain access to a space station that controls nuclear missiles, thus gaining control of the planet. Yvonne Craig has one scene in the middle of the film, when Coburn visits her to get information. We see her dance a little ballet, and then in contrast do some '60's style dancing. She speaks with a Russian accent, and she and Coburn have a rather passionate scene.

How to Frame a Figg
(1971) 103m Universal color

Don Knotts, Joe Flynn, Edward Andrews, Elaine Joyce, Yvonne Craig (Glorianna), Frank Welker, Parker Fennelly, Bill Zuckert, Pitt Herbert, Robert P. Lieb, and a dozen more. Directed by Alan Rafkin.

Don Knotts is a bumbling bookkeeper in the city hall of the small town of Dalton. Corrupt city officials Fennelly -- who's so decrepit that he must be transported around town in an ambulance -- Flynn, and Andrews have been stealing from the public till, so they frame Knotts to take the fall. Aided by wholesome girl Joyce, he's able to clear his name. Yvonne Craig has a large role in the film. She plays a scheming and very sexy secretary-mistress, in on the plot to frame Knotts. Craig is made Knotts' secretary, and she's very persistent in trying to use her seductive powers to get Knotts in trouble.

Diggin' Up Business
(1990) 89m color

Lynn-Holly Johnson, Tom Pardew, Michael David O'Neil, Billy Barty, Ruth Buzzi, Murray Langston, Yvonne Craig (Lucille), Nita Talbot, Gary Owens. Directed by Mark Byers.

Comedy, with Ruth Buzzi. A Young woman (Johnson) is left to run her family's mortuary while her grandfather goes on a vacation. When she learns that her grandfather is facing criminal charges and financial bankruptcy, she is forced to perform outrageous "specialty" funerals to get the debt-ridden funeral home back on its feet. Yvonne Craig and Ruth Buzzi play friends who are recent widows and decide to have their husbands' funerals at Johnson's mortuary. Most of Craig's scenes are in the first thirty minutes of the movie, and she also appears at the end.

TV Credits - Detailed

Schlitz Playhouse of Stars
Dramatic Anthology. 1951 - 1959. CBS Friday nights. An one hour show in its first season, and half an hour all other seasons.

"Honor System" CBS 3-14-58 Frank Parisi, reformed convict, operates a successful trucking business. Afraid that his former reputation will prevent his son from attending Cabot College, Parisi formulates a blackmail scheme victimizing one of the school's alumni.

"Papa Said No" CBS 4-4-58 (Suzanne Stacey) -- "Papa Said No" was a pilot for a possible comedy series starring Craig. Suzanne Stacey, played by Yvonne Craig, was a beautiful, marriage-minded young woman in search of the ideal husband. In the pilot episode Suzanne falls for a handsome young photographer, played by Scott Brady.

Perry Mason
Legal Drama. 1957 - 1966, 1973 - 1974. CBS, one hour. Television's most successful and longest-running lawyer series, starring Raymond Burr.

"The Case of the Lazy Lover" CBS 5-31-58 (Patricia Faxon) When a man named Bertrand Allred is found dead in a car at the bottom of a cliff, the evidence points to his wife Lucille... sort of. There is also Allred's business associate, Bob Fleetwood, Fleetwood's girlfriend, even the old buck who lived near the murder scene -- all of them suspicious. Yvonne Craig plays the daughter of Bertrand Allred, who is played by Neil Hamilton. Craig would again play the daughter of Neil Hamilton when he would star as Commissioner Gordon, and she would star as Barbara Gordon, in the Batman series. Craig's supporting role in the episode is substantial, including scenes with Raymond Burr and Neil Hamilton.

Western. 1958 - 1962. ABC, one hour. Bronco Layne, played by Ty Hardin, was an ex-Confederate Army captain who had wandered west after the war in search of adventure.

"Bodyguard" ABC 10-20-59 (Stephanie Ann Kelton) Bronco Layne is hired by Frank Kelton to protect him from Dan Flood. Kelton is killed, but suspicion can't fall on Flood -- he was with Bronco at the time of the murder. Craig plays the daughter of Frank Kelton, who clearly has a strong desire to sexually molest his daughter (thus giving Craig a motive to kill him, but did she?). She has a large role.

Philip Marlowe
Detective Drama. 1959 - 1960. ABC, one hour Tuesday nights. Based upon Raymond Chandler's character, detective Philip Marlowe was an independent loner who worked to solve crimes.

"Child of Virtue" ABC 11-10-59 A wealthy ex-gangster becomes irritated when a tennis bum romances his daughter. Yvonne Craig got this part when the show's producer (William Froug) spotted her while she was on the lot testing for a part in another series; "she was it", said Froug (as reported in TV Guide, July 25, 1959, p. 10).

Many Loves of Dobie Gillis
Situation Comedy. 1959 - 1963. CBS, half hour. Dobie Gillis, played by Dwayne Hickman, was a teenager interested in beautiful women, fancy cars, and money, but as the son of a grocer, his aspirations were often frustrated.

"Dobie's Navy Blues" CBS 11-18-59 Dobie falls for the daughter of a retired Chief Petty Officer.

"The Flying Millicans" CBS 2-2-60 (Aphrodite Millican) Dobie is fascinated by the lithe and beautiful Aphrodite Millican (Yvonne Craig), member of an acrobatic family. Seeing Dobie, the rest of the family decide to transform him into a muscular addition to the act. Yvonne plays opposite Dwayne Hickman in this episode, and spends much of the time in an Ancient Greek dress.

"Like Mother, Like Daughter, Like Wow" CBS 5-2-61 (Hazel Grimes) When Dobie mentions his name to pretty Hazel Grimes (Craig), she rushes up to him with a kiss. Seems her mother was his father's high school sweetheart.

"Sweet Smell of Success" CBS 4-24-62 (Elspeth) Dobie and Maynard (played by Bob Denver) open up a Private Nose agency when it is discovered that Maynard can find missing items just by using his sense of smell. Craig plays a money-crazed classmate of the guys who wants to get rich herself from Maynard's nose. She seduces Maynard and takes over his private nose business. It's a large roll and plays up Craig's seductive charms.

"Flow Gently, Sweet Money" CBS 11-21-62 (Linda Sue Faversham) Linda Sue Faversham (Craig) is foiled in her attempt to turn Dobie into a big spender. So she concentrates on coaching her younger sister Amanda Jean into refashioning Duncan, Dobie's less sophisticated cousin. Craig has a big part in this episode, and the story plays up her sex appeal.

Mr. Lucky
Adventure. 1959 - 1960. CBS, half hour Saturday nights. Show was based upon the 1943 movie of the same name starring Cary Grant. Mr. Lucky, played by John Vivyan, was a professional gambler who owned a floating casino which he had won. The theme music for the show was by Henry Mancini.

"Little Miss Wow" CBS 12-12-59 (Beverly Mills) Lucky and Andamo come across Beverly Mills (Craig), a missing heiress living the life of a beatnik. As they try to persuade Beverly to return home, two coffeehouse customers identify her and come up with a plan designed to bring them some money. Craig is the main guest star, and she speaks in beatnik slang.

Man with a Camera
Drama. 1958 - 1960. ABC, half hour. Mike Kovac, played by Charles Bronson, had been a combat photographer in WW II, and was now making a living as a free-lance lensman.

"Hot Ice Cream" ABC 1-25-60 (Jo Stokes) A murder is committed at Charlie Stokes amusement park. Charlie's daughter Jo (Craig), whose hobby is photography, helps Mike Kovac search for the murderer.

Comedy/Drama. 1959 - 1962. CBS, half hour Monday nights. Lt. Chick Hennesey, played by Jackie Cooper, was a young medical officer stationed at a naval base in San Diego.

"Scarlet Woman in White" CBS 3-21-60 (Harriet Barnes) A beautiful nurse is disrupting the hospital.

Chevy Mystery Show
Dramatic Anthology. 1960 - 1961. NBC, one hour Sunday nights. Suspense and mystery dramas, hosted by Walter Slezak (a few episodes were hosted by Vincent Price).

"Murder Me Nicely" NBC 7-3-60 (Carolyn) Alfred Emerson, played by Everett Sloan, loathes Peter Montopollis, a student in his medieval-history class. Peter's a fine athlete, an honor student and the most popular boy in school -- and somehow it's this very perfection that rankles. So Alfred plots to wreck young Peter's life.

Detective Drama. 1960 - 1962. CBS, one hour. Checkmate, Inc. was an expensive investigative agency based in San Francisco and operated by Don Corey (played by Anthony George) and Jed Sills (played by Doug McClure).

"The Cyanide Touch" CBS 10-1-60 Gangster Larry Forbes has killed a friend of Roddy Stevenson's, and Roddy goes to Checkmate, Inc. to get action on the case. Craig has an extremely small part; she is visible for a few seconds during the opening scene, which is a party. In the copy of the episode I saw, which might have been edited slightly, she has no lines.

The Barbara Stanwyck Theater
Dramatic Anthology. 1960 - 1961. NBC, half hour Monday nights. Hollywood actress Barbara Stanwyck hosted and starred in this anthology series.

"House in Order" NBC 11-7-60 Dr. Steele tells Elizabeth Mowry she needs heart surgery immediately. Elizabeth suddenly realizes that she may only have a few hours left to regain the love of her husband and daughter.

The Detectives
Police Drama. 1959 - 1962. ABC and NBC, half hour Friday nights. Screen star Robert Taylor played a police captain who led a team of three detectives.

"Quiet Night" ABC 1-27-61 (Ivy) Ex-con Gino Gambini brings his lunch box to police headquarters. But there are no sandwiches in it -- Gino has a gun and a hand grenade, and he plans to knock off Sergeant Ballard (Mark Goddard). Yvonne plays Sergeant Chris Ballard's girlfriend, and there are several scenes of the two of them out on a date.(

Peter Loves Mary
Situation Comedy. 1960 - 1961. NBC, half hour Wednesday nights. Real life couple Peter Lind Hayes and Mary Healy play Peter and Mary Lindsey, a show-business couple adjusting to life in the suburbs after leaving Manhattan.

"That Certain Age" NBC 2-22-61 (Darcy Robinson) Peter thinks he can handle teenagers pretty well, so he consents to direct the local high school play. He begins to have doubts when young Darcy Robinson (Craig) gets a crush on him.

Tales of Wells Fargo
Western. 1957 - 1962. NBC, half hour. Jim Hardie, played by Dale Robertson, was a troubleshooter for the company Wells Fargo.

"The Remittance Man" NBC 4-3-61 (Libby Gillette) Badman Tim Flaherty has succumbed to an occupational disease -- gunfire. Opportunist Gabe Adams fired the shot, planning to make off with the swag from Flaherty's latest caper. But when Hardie suddenly appears, Adams decides to settle for the reward money -- only to discover that Flaherty's booty has vanished.

Malibu Run (previously The Aquanauts)
Adventure. 1960 - 1961. CBS, half hour Wednesday nights. Larry Lahr, played by Jeremy Slate, and Mike Madison, played by Ron Ely, are two salvage divers living in the Malibu Beach area and running their own aquatic sports shop.

"The Rainbow Adventure" CBS 4-19-61 (Kathy) Larry and Mike are tailed by two men who turn out to be Federal narcotics agents. Seems the boys' store is being used for the sale of a less wholesome product than skin-diving equipment -- heroin.

Michael Shayne
Detective Drama. 1960 - 1961. NBC, one hour. Michael Shayne, played by Richard Denning, was a private detective.

"It Takes a Heap o' Dyin'" NBC 5-12-61 (Nan Palmer) Yvonne Craig and Jack Ging play a young couple moving into a house where a murder was committed, and it appears that the house is haunted. Yvonne is a guest star and has a large role.

The Jim Backus Show - Hot Off the Wire
Situation Comedy. Syndicated. Mike O'Toole, played by Jim Backus, was editor of a newspaper struggling to keep afloat.

"Dora's Vacation" May/June 1961 (dates vary by location; 6-17-61 in Cincinnati) Dora insists upon taking her long overdue vacation, so Mike hires a giddy teenager to take her place.

Icabod and Me
Situation Comedy. 1961 - 1962. CBS, half hour Tuesday nights. Bob Major, played by Robert Sterling, bought a small town paper from Icabod Adams, played by George Chandler.

"Teenage Journalist" CBS 12-19-61 (Liza Halliday) Bob hires high school student Liza Halliday (Craig), who says she wants to learn the newspaper business. But it soon appears that Liza's main interest isn't journalism -- it's Bob.

77 Sunset Strip
Detective Drama. 1958 - 1964. ABC, one hour. Stuart Bailey, played by Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., and Jeff Spencer, played by Roger Smith, were a glamorous private-detective team, working out of Hollywood.

"Bullets for Santa" ABC 12-22-61 (Kristan Royal) The Hollywood Christmas Parade is in full swing, but somebody obviously hasn't caught the spirit of the thing -- a shot rings out, barely missing jolly old Santa. Movie star Pauline Grant's agent claims the bullet was actually intended for her, and hires Jeff to guard his client. Yvonne Craig plays the daughter of Pauline Grant: an eighteen year old nymphet who gets involved with Roger Smith. She has a long scene Smith and several other short scenes.

"Lady in the Sun" ABC 5-17-63 (Willie Miller) Realtor Joe Carden hires Stu to find his secretary Paula Michaels. Stu learns that the lady was actually Carden's wife, but that she altered the arrangement to shop for a wealthier mate.

"Lovers' Lane" ABC 1-3-64 (Tina Nichols) Big-time politician "Boss" Gates hires Stu to prove his son was framed for attacking a girl. Craig plays the friend of the victim, and helps Stu with his investigation. She appears about half way into the episode and has a large role thereafter.

Mrs. G. Goes to College/The Gertrude Berg Show
Situation Comedy. 1961 - 1962. CBS, half hour. Gertrude Berg, famous from the series The Goldbergs, played Sarah Green, a widow who decides to enroll in college.

"Mrs. G.'s Private Telephone" CBS 12-27-61 (Sally) Seems every time Sarah wants to use the boarding-house phone, one of the other tenants is on the line. So she decides to have her own phone installed in her room.

Follow the Sun
Adventure. 1961 - 1962. ABC, one hour Sunday nights. Ben Gregory, played by Barry Coe, and Paul Templin, played by Brett Halsey, were two footloose, handsome, free-lance magazine writers living in Hawaii.

"A Ghost in Her Gazebo" ABC 3-18-62 (Veronica St. John) Widowed Lilli St. John (played by Elsa Lancaster), matriarchal head of the multi-million dollar St. John Enterprises, is being urged by her sons, Meredith and Vance, to sell the huge corporation. Lilli says before she decides she will have to visit a spiritual medium named Jason Berry (played by Cesar Romero) -- and talk the whole thing over with her late husband. Yvonne plays the grand-daughter of Elsa Lancaster and girlfriend of Brett Halsey; the episode uses a small ensemble of actors, including Yvonne, and they share screen time rather evenly. Yvonne does not dance in the episode, but in one scene Cesar Romero does the twist! There are several good moments in the episode.

The New Breed
Police Drama. 1961 - 1962. ABC, one hour Tuesday nights. These new breed policemen used new sophisticated electronic gadgetry to track down criminals.

"Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here" ABC 4-24-62 (Louise Pittman, Edna Pittman) It looks like routine duty when the Met Squad is assigned to keep the peace during a big fraternal convention -- until pretty Louise Pittman (Craig) falls from a window in the room where she was dancing with other guests. In a large dual role, Craig plays both the victim (Louise) and her sister (Edna). Near the beginning of the episode there is a long scene with her dancing on a table in a revealing outfit. The episode is quite good.

For the Love of Mike (Pilot)
Comedy. 7-10-62. CBS, half hour. The story of Betty Stevens (played by Shirley Jones), the talented and pretty wife of a struggling young writer (Mike, played by Burt Metcalfe), and her attempts to supplement their small income by performing as a nightclub singer.

CBS 7-10-62 Betty pretends to be single in an attempt to get a job with Emil Sinclair (played by Gale Gordon), a society bandleader who insists on unmarried performers. Complications ensue when he decides to visit Betty at home to go over some music.

I'm Dickens... He's Fenster
Situation Comedy. 1962 - 1963. ABC, half hour Friday nights. Dickens, played by John Astin, and Fenster, played by Marty Ingels, were two carpenter-construction workers.

"A Small Matter of Being Fired" ABC 9-28-62 (Hillary) Mr. Bannister needs a foreman for a construction job. So Arch guarantees Harry that he has got the job.

Western. 1959 - 1963. NBC, one hour Tuesday nights. Two brothers tried to maintain the family ranch.

"The Long Road Back" NBC 10-23-62 (Ginny Malone) Slim, acting as deputy, is escorting bank robber Virgil Walker back to Laramie. But on the trail he's overpowered by the outlaw and a girl named Ginny (Yvonne Craig).

Death Valley Days
Western Anthology. 1952 - 1975. Syndicated, half hour. Hosted by Stanley Adams until his death. Supposedly based on historical events in Death Valley, California.

"To Walk With Greatness" Syndicated 11-14-62 (though dates vary by location) (Emma) Newly graduated from West Point, Lt. John F. Pershing (played by Jody McCrea) becomes a hero of the old west by tracking down white renegades who murdered two Indians and stole ponies from a peaceful Zuni tribe. Craig plays McCrea's love interest. She has a few long scenes with him, where she expresses her worry over his safety.

The Dick Powell Show
Dramatic Anthology. 1961 - 1963. NBC, one hour Tuesday nights. Veteran actor Dick Powell hosted this series until his death in 1963.

"In Search of a Son" NBC 11-20-62 (Mary Langdon) The death of Gary Harper's mother has caused his father to shut Gary (played by Dean Stockwell) out of his life. The young man runs away and later is found living as a beach-comber in Spain -- where even a love affair can't make up for his father's coldness toward him.

The Wide Country
Western. 1962 - 1963. NBC, one hour Thursday nights. Mitch Guthrie, played by Earl Holliman, was a champion bronco rider, living the rodeo life.

"Bravest Man in the World" NBC 12-6-62 (Anita Callahan) Andy is really impressed with a book called "The Bravest Man in the World" which purports to be the life story of adventurer Warren Price. When Andy meets Price and strikes up a friendship with him, he's overwelmed by all of the exciting things Price has done -- or, at least, by all of his stories about them. Yvonne Craig plays an impressionable young woman who becomes attracted to Price. She has several short scenes, some of them in a one piece swimsuit.

Sam Benedict
Law Drama. 1962 - 1963. NBC, one hour Saturday nights. Sam Benedict, played by Edmond O'Brien, was a San Francisco trial lawyer. The series was based on the career of famed trial lawyer Jake Erlich, who served as consultant to the show.

"Sugar and Spice, and Everything..." NBC 2-2-63 (Amy Vickers) When Sam is called in to handle the defense of dancer Amy Vickers (played by Yvonne Craig), charged with murder, he's busy with another trial -- so he sends Hank (Richard Rust) to fill in for him. Yvonne is the main guest star and appears throughout the episode. In one scene, she dances in her jail cell.

Hooray for Love (Pilot)
Comedy. 9-9-63. CBS, half hour. Schuyler and Abby Young, played by Darryl Hickman and Yvonne Craig, were newlyweds still in school.

CBS 9-9-63 (Abby Young) -- In the pilot episode, Schuyler must chose between a lucrative job with his father-in-law's trucking business, or continue with his education.

Dr. Kildare
Medical Drama. 1961 - 1966. NBC. Dr. Kildare, played by Richard Chamberlain, was a young intern in a large metropolitan hospital trying to learn his profession.

"A Day to Remember" NBC 4-2-64 (Carol Devon) Deeply disturbed by the death of her husband, Nora Willis poses as a volunteer worker to help an abandoned child suffering from a fatal disease.

1963 - 1964. ABC, one hour Wednesday nights. Channing University was the setting for this series of dramas revolving around life on a college campus.

"My Son, the All-American" ABC 4-8-64 (Kathy O'Reardon) James Caan plays star athlete Jeff Brubaker. Brubaker's Jewish heritage has never handicapped him socially -- nor concerned him spiritually. Yvonne Craig plays a student who is attracted to Caan. She teaches him about his Jewish heritage and they start dating. Her role is large.

Wagon Train
Western. 1957 - 1965. NBC and ABC. Set after the Civil War, each season a California-bound wagon train would set out from St. Joe and make its way west to California.

"The Link Cheney Story" ABC 4-13-64 (Ellie Riggs) Gambler Euchre Jones encounters former protege Link Cheney on the wagon train -- but it isn't a happy reunion.

90 Bristol Court: Tom, Dick, and Mary
Situation Comedy. 1964 - 1965. NBC Monday nights. 90 Bristol Court consisted of three half hour situation comedies, each set in the same apartment building. The three were Karen; Harris Against the World; and Tom, Dick, and Mary. Tom and Mary Gentry, played by Don Galloway and Joyce Bulifant, were newlyweds who shared an apartment with Tom's friend Dick Moran, played by Steve Franken, in order to save money.

"Bad Day at Bristol Court" NBC 10-5-64 (Louise Meeker) Pining for some privacy, Tom persuades Dick to move into a vacant apartment at the court -- for just a day or two.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Science Fiction. 1964 - 1968. ABC, one hour. The Seaview was an atomic submarine that roamed the seven seas fighting villains both human and alien.

"Turn Back the Clock" ABC 10-26-64 (Carol Denning) Carol Denning (Craig) and others make a spectacular escape from a giant lizard on a prehistoric world in Antarctica. This fun episode plays much like a B monster movie. Craig has a large role, and gets to run in terror from the terrible giant lizard!

McHale's Navy
Situation Comedy. 1962 - 1966. ABC, half hour. Lt. Commander Quinton McHale, played by Ernest Borgnine, was the commander of a WW II P.T. boat with a very strange crew.

"A Pumpkin Takes Over" ABC 2-16-65 (Suzie Clayton) Binghamton's wife comes for a visit as the same time as he is producing a show starring an exotic dancer (played by Craig). Yvonne Craig has a large role and looks wonderful in some sexy dresses and dance costumes.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Spy Spoof. 1964 - 1968. NBC, one hour. Superagents Napoleon Solo, played by Robert Vaughn, and Illya Kuryakin, played by David McCallum, were teamed to fight the international crime syndicate THRUSH.

"The Brain Killer Affair" NBC 3-8-65 (Cecille Bergstrom) Waverly is poisoned, and taken to a hospital where he is subjected to the rays of a brain-altering machine by THRUSH agent Dr. Dabree, designed to make him ineffective without killing him. While investigating others who have suffered the same fate, Solo finds Cecille Bergstrom (Yvonne Craig) and together they try to unravel the mystery and save Waverly. Craig gets a substantial amount of screen time; at one point she's kidnapped by the evil THRUSH, but by the end all is well and she gets to dress up for a fancy dinner with Vaughn. Filmed in June of 1964.

Kentucky Jones
Comedy/Drama. 1964 - 1965. NBC, half hour. Kentucky Jones, played by Dennis Weaver, was a widower veterinarian raising a Chinese orphan in Southern California.

"Kentucky's Vacation" NBC 4-10-65 (Shirley) Kentucky's worn out by a series of minor irritations, but he has a chance to get away from it all: Mrs. Edgerton asks him to take her dog to a New York kennel show.

My Favorite Martian
Situation Comedy. 1963 - 1966. CBS, half hour Sunday nights. Uncle Martin, played by Ray Walston, was a Martian found by Tim O'Hara, played by Bill Bixby.

"Keep Me From the Church" CBS 10-3-65 (Louise) Martin uses his futuroid camera to take a picture of Tim. It shows him getting married within 24 hours to an unidentified girl. The girl turns out to be Yvonne, who guest stars and plays a sexy waitress.

Ben Casey
Medical Drama. 1961 - 1966. ABC, one hour. Dr. Ben Casey, played by Vince Edwards, was a gifted young resident surgeon who battled disease and the medical establishment.

"If You Play Your Cards Right, You Too Can Be a Loser" ABC 12-27-65 (Mary Dyboski Carter) Casey is puzzled by an apparently intoxicated young man (David Jones, of The Monkeys) who refuses to reveal his name -- and the man's wife (Craig), who has received a severe beating. Jones turns out to have that most terrible of addictions -- sniffing glue! Craig has some but not a lot of screen time; most of her scenes are with Vince Edwards or Jones.

The Big Valley
Western. 1965 - 1969. ABC, one hour. The Barkley family owned a ranch in the Old West, and were continually fighting its lawless elements. Barbara Stanwyck played Victoria Barkley, and Lee Majors played Heath Barkley.

"The Invaders" ABC 12-29-65 (Allie Kay) In this very well-made episode, Heath (Lee Majors) is bushwhacked by Daddy Cade (John Dehner) and his murderous brood -- who feel certain that he's worth more alive than dead. Yvonne plays a member of Daddy's brood and has a large role. She helps nurse Majors back to health, and ends up falling for him.

The Wild Wild West
Western. 1965 - 1970. CBS, one hour. James T. West, played by Robert Conrad, and Artemus Gordon, played by Ross Martin, were government agents assigned to expose or undermine the attempts of various radical, revolutionary, or criminal groups to take over all or part of the U.S.

"The Night of the Grand Emir" CBS 1-28-66 (Ecstasy La Joie) West is assigned to protect a visiting tyrant from the attentions of Miss Ecstasy La Joie (Yvonne Craig), a most enticing assassin. Craig has a large role in this episode. She dances repeatedly, in a variety of styles, and she also kisses Robert Conrad repeatedly.

Mr. Roberts
Comedy/Adventure. 1965 - 1966. NBC, half hour Friday nights. Mr. Roberts, played by Roger Smith, was part of the crew of the U.S.S. Reluctant, a cargo ship in the South Pacific during WW II. The series was based upon the book by Thomas Heggen, which was also made into a play and a movie.

"Damn the Torpedos" NBC 2-25-66 (Carol Jennings) The ship has been ordered to transfer three USO girls. The Captain, however, orders them to stay below decks in order to keep them away from the men. Yvonne Craig plays one of the three USO girls, and she gets to show off her sex appeal by seducing one of the soldiers and dancing for the troops. She has a large and particularly entertaining role.

My Three Sons
Situation Comedy. 1960 - 1972. ABC, CBS, half hour. Steve Douglas, played by Fred MacMurray, was a widower raising his three sons.

"If at First" CBS 10-20-66 (Vickie) Steve gets a parking ticket from Robbie's meter maid girlfriend (Craig). Craig has a few substantial scenes, mainly playing opposite MacMurray.

Fantasy Adventure. 1966 - 1968. ABC, half hour. Adam West played Bruce Wayne, who as Batman waged war on the evil-doers who plagued Gotham City. Yvonne Craig joined the cast in the third season as Barbara Gordon, who as Batgirl also fought the villains of Gotham.

Batgirl Pilot: 1967 (Barbara Gordon/Batgirl) To introduce the Batgirl character to network affiliates, a short promotional pilot was filmed. This pilot was only recently aired on television.

Season Three: ABC 9-14-67 to 3-14-68 (Barbara Gordon/Batgirl)

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
Situation Comedy. 1968 - 1970. NBC, ABC, half hour. The Ghost of Captain Daniel Gregg, played by Edward Mulhare, haunted a house in New England, which was rented to Mrs. Carolyn Muir, played by Hope Lange, and her family. The ghost and Mrs. Muir slowly came to get along.

"Haunted Honeymoon" NBC 9-28-68 (Gladys Zimmerman) An eloping couple spend the night at Gull Cottage when their car breaks down. Craig plays the bashful bride to be, and has a large role and a new hair style.

It Takes a Thief
International Intrigue. 1968 - 1970. ABC, one hour. Former cat burglar Alexander Mundy, played by Robert Wagner, worked as a spy for the U.S. Government.

"The Bill Is in Committee" ABC 10-8-68 (Roxanne) Al goes undercover as a magician to retrieve incriminating proof from the dictator of a small country, who is using it to bribe a member of Congress. His cover is blown immediately.

The Mod Squad
Police Drama. 1968 - 1973. ABC, one hour. The Mod Squad consisted of three young hippie cops.

"Find Tara Chapman" ABC 11-19-68 (Tara Chapman, a.k.a. Lila Mason) The Squad tries to track down Tara Chapman (Craig), a dying girl who might set off a meningitis epidemic, and who is on the run from gangsters who want to kill her before she tells what she knows. The episode centers around Craig, who has a large role and gives an emotional portrayal. In a 1999 interview, Craig stated that this was her favorite performance.

Star Trek
Science Fiction. 1966 - 1969. NBC, one hour. The starship U.S.S. Enterprise was on a five year mission to explore new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man had gone before.

"Whom Gods Destroy" NBC 1-3-69 (Marta) Kirk and Spock are prisoners of Garth, a crazed space captain who can change his appearance. Craig played a green woman, and dances in one scene; she choreographed the dance herself. Interestingly enough, both Craig and the only other actress to play a green woman in the series, Susan Oliver, appear in the movie The Gene Krupa Story (though they have no scenes together).

Love, American Style
Comedy Anthology. 1969 - 1974. ABC, one hour. Love was the subject matter of this collection of short comedy playlets.

"Love and a Couple of Couples" ABC 9-29-69 Michael Callasin is expecting his fiancee (Yvonne Craig) at his apartment any moment. Who gets there first? His ex-wife (Penny Fuller), that's who. And who tries on the engagement ring? And can't get it off?

"Love and the Loud-Mouth" ABC 9-17-71 (Helen) A couple's honeymoon is interrupted when the mouth of the bride (Yvonne Craig) gives off radio reports.

"Love and the Confession" ABC 10-20-72 (Kathy) A man tells his wife about a past affair when they think their cruise ship is going to sink.

"Love and the Big Game" (Janet) Two couples get together to play cards, only to find that one of them is cheating. Also stars Jack Klugman.

Detective Drama. 1967 - 1975. CBS, one hour. Joe Mannix, played by Mike Connors, was a private detective.

"Who Killed Me?" CBS 12-13-69 (Diana) Mannix is hired by an aircraft industry executive to find the man who tried to kill him by sabotaging his private plane. Yvonne plays the executive's wife, and has a few scenes (with Connors).

"Search for a Whisper" CBS 2-18-73 (Ada Lee) Guest starring William Shatner. Mannix gets his strangest assignment when a business tycoon has himself investigated, even to the extent of ruining his reputation. Craig has one nice scene, with Connors (not with Shatner), where she answers some questions, as part of his investigation.

The Good Guys
Situation Comedy. 1968 - 1970. CBS, half hour. Cab driver Rufus Butterworth, played by Bob Denver, and diner owner Bert Gramus, played by Herb Edelman, were friends since childhood.

"Communication Gap" CBS 12-19-69 (Dr. Cummings) Because they can't communicate, Rufus and Bert join a "communication" class conducted by a lovely young woman. Result: the only person the guys can't get along with is Claudia.

The Courtship of Eddie's Father
Situation Comedy. 1969 - 1972. ABC, half hour. Tom Corbett, played by Bill Bixby, was a widower whose son Eddie, played by Brandon Cruz, constantly tried to get him remarried.

"Don't Look Now But Your Scorpio's Rising" ABC 3-4-70 (Miss Atwater) In her marvelously muddled way, Tina ups and quits. So Tom hires a secretary who's a paragon of perfection... and very hard to bear after a kook like Tina.

Land of the Giants
Science Fiction. 1968 - 1970. ABC, one hour. Seven Earthlings were trapped on a planet where the inhabitants were twelve times their size.

"Wild Journey" ABC 3-8-70 (Berna) Yvonne Craig and Bruce Dern play alien researchers visiting the land of the giants. When the Earthlings Steve and Dan encounter them, they learn that these aliens can travel through time and space. Stealing the aliens' device, Steve and Dan propel themselves back to Earth, 1983, where they try to change history by stopping the launch of the Spindrift. Craig and Dern pursue them. Craig and Dern are on camera a lot during this episode.

Three Coins in a Fountain (Pilot)
Comedy. 8-10-70. NBC, half hour. Maggie Wilson, played by Cynthia Pepper, was an American girl living in Rome and working as a secretary. Craig was part of the cast, playing Maggie's roommate Dorothy. Based on the 1954 movie. This pilot was made in 1966, but not aired until 1970.

NBC 8-10-70 (Dorothy)

The Partners
Situation Comedy. 1971 - 1972. NBC, half hour. Lennie Crooke, played by Don Adams, and George Robinson, played by Rupert Crosse, were a pair of police detectives who were always getting into crazy situations while investigating crimes.

"Here Comes the Fuzz" NBC 9-18-71 (Jessica) Three comic actors -- Joey Foreman, Art Metrano and Jesse White -- ham it up in a slapstick story about the search for a bank robber.

"Two or False" NBC 8-11-72 (Michelle/Denise) Identical-twin jewel thieves (both played by Craig) keep our heroes hopping. Can the sexy sisters outfox their baffled pursuers?

O'Hara, U.S. Treasury
Police Drama. 1971 - 1972. CBS, one hour. Jim O'Hara, played by David Janssen, was a special agent for the U.S. Treasury.

"Operation: Rake-Off" CBS 2-11-72 (Inez Malcolm) Godfrey Cambridge plays a comic denied work for disavowing the racketeers who launched his career. Their price for returning him to the stage: involvement in bribing a revenue agent. Craig plays a secretary, and has several short scenes with Janssen, who asks her out.

Jarrett (Pilot)
Crime Drama. 3-17-73. NBC, 90 minutes. Sam Jarrett, played by Glenn Ford, was an erudite investigator specializing in fine arts cases.

NBC 3-17-73 (Luluwa) -- Jarrett is tangling with a bogus preacher while tracking down some missing rare Biblical scrolls. Craig makes a guest appearance in this pilot. She plays the snake dancer niece of the bogus preacher. She has one short but nice dance scene near the beginning, and then she spends some time with Glenn Ford.

Drama. 1972 - 1977. NBC, one hour Saturday nights. Series focused around Squad 51 of the Los Angeles County Fire Department's Paramedical Rescue Service.

"Gossip" NBC 9-29-73 (Edna Johnson) A runaway drug victim spells double trouble for the paramedics: they have to first catch the girl before they can help her. Other cases include a fireman in need of aid after falling through a burning roof. Yvonne has one scene, playing the wife of a patient who gets a surprise when she asks about her husband. It is a good scene.

The Magician
Adventure. 1973 - 1974. NBC, one hour. Tony Blake, played by Bill Bixby, was an illusionist and escape artist who helped people in danger and prevented crimes.

"The Man Who Lost Himself" NBC 12-11-73 (Dr. Zabriskie) Blake helps an amnesiac ex-con being hunted by three wealthy businessmen who want him to remember a robbery they committed thirty years earlier. Craig plays the doctor of the amnesiac ex-con, and she helps Bixby. She has several scenes and gives a great performance.

Police Drama. 1973 - 1978, 1989 - 1990. CBS, ABC, one hour. Theo Kojak, played by Telly Savalas, was a cop.

"Dark Sunday" CBS 12-12-73 (Liz) Kojak suspects a half-million-dollar heist is about to occur, but he doesn't know what is to be stolen or where. Craig plays the girlfriend of the head crook; she has a few scenes with him, and plays a role in the heist.

Holmes and Yoyo
Situation Comedy. 1976. ABC, half hour Saturday nights. Holmes, played by Richard B. Shull, was a cop paired up with a life-like robot named Yoyo, played by John Schuck.

"The Fearful Witness" ABC 11-27-76 (Sherri) Holmes and Yoyo are assigned to protect a key grand-jury witness, who is so fearful for his life that he is even evading them.

Six Million Dollar Man
Adventure. 1974 - 1978. ABC, one hour. Steve Austin, played by Lee Majors, had been critically injured and then saved by having parts of his body replaced with Bionic parts, and subsequently he went on missions for the U.S. government.

"The Infiltrators" ABC 2-6-77 (Lena Bannister) Steve gets into the ring as a boxing champ to kayo a group of assassins who are targeting foreign athletes who have defected. Yvonne Craig plays the lead villain; it's a substantial part, including one scene with her and Majors having dinner.

Starsky and Hutch
Police Drama. 1975 - 1979. ABC, one hour. Starsky, played by Paul Michael Glaser, and Hutch, played by David Soul, were bachelor cops in this light police-action series.

"Starsky vs. Hutch" ABC 5-8-79 (Carol) Starsky and Hutch are rivals for the affections of a policewoman and nearly neglect their pursuit of a deranged murderer who is killing dancers. Yvonne plays one of the dancers in the dance hall that the police are watching, and has a few scenes.

Fantasy Island
Romantic Drama. 1978 - 1984. ABC, one hour. Mr. Roarke, played by Ricardo Montalban, owned an island where people came to play out their fantasies.

ABC 5-7-83 (Cindy) Mr. Roarke cancels all fantasies as Tattoo fights for his life after an auto accident.

Other TV Appearances

These are Yvonne Craig's other TV appearances that I am aware of. There certainly may be more. If you have any additional information, please email me (address below).

The Object Is
Game Show. 1963-64. ABC daytime. Hosted by Dick Clark. Craig appeared in at least two episodes as a guest celebrity, including the premier episode (12-30-63) along with Dwayne Hickman.

The Dating Game
Game Show. 1967. Yvonne has to choose between bachelor number 1, 2, or 3 for a trip to Ireland.

Equal Pay PSA
Department of Labor public service announcement. 1974. Craig appeared as Batgirl, advocating equal pay for women. Burt Ward also appeared, but Adam West, trying to distance himself from his Batman role, did not.

Family Feud
Game Show. "Batman vs. Lost in Space" and "Batman vs. Gilligan's Island". 1983. Actors sometimes appeared on Family Feud in this fashion to benefit charities.

Batman -- 25th Anniversary Airing
For the syndicated Batman episodes airing during the 25th anniversary, West, Ward, and Craig made introductions and exists.

The Will Shriner Show
Talk Show. "The Batman Reunion" 4-88.

The Late Show
Talk show. "The Batman Reunion" 4-28-88. FOX.

Talk Show. 1992. Yvonne is a guest and talks about her days as Batgirl.

Big Deal
Game show, hosted by Marc DeCarlo, in the tradition of Let's Make a Deal. 9-1-96. FOX. Yvonne Craig made a celebrity appearance.

Much of the research I have done on Yvonne Craig's career was conducted at the Ohio State University libraries. My thanks to their very helpful staff.

For more detailed information on some of these credits, see my page of Craig links.

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