Yvonne Craig Trivia

Here are some facts that might interest Yvonne Craig fans:

In The Gene Krupa Story, one of Craig's early films, other Star Trek guest stars can be found. Celia Lovsky, who played T'Pau in the Star Trek episode "Amok Time," plays Krupa's mother. Furthermore, Yvonne Craig and Susan Oliver, who both appear in this film (though they have no scenes together), share something unique in common: they are the only two actresses ever to play green Orion women in the Star Trek series. (For information on Orions and images of Susan Oliver as an Orion, see Orions, part of the Star Trek Lost Races page).

image of Craig

One of Craig's very early TV roles was in an episode of Perry Mason, "The Case of the Lazy Lover" (5-31-58). Yvonne plays the daughter of Bertrand Allred, who is played by Neil Hamilton. She would again play the daughter of Neil Hamilton when he would star as Commissioner Gordon, and she would star as Barbara Gordon, in the Batman series.

image of Craig

Craig has appeared on some game shows as a celebrity. One such show was The Object Is (1963-64), Dick Clark's first game show. On the first episode, Dwayne Hickman (best known for playing Dobie Gillis) and Yvonne were the celebrity guests. Pictured below is another episode. That's Dick Clark in between John and Yvonne. Looks like John is enjoying having Yvonne there!

image of Craig

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