Site Credits

This page has become a collaborative effort. Many individuals have generously taken the time to provide images, sounds, information, and a great deal of support. Many of the virtues of this page are their work, and they deserve the credit for them. It is wonderful to know that Yvonne has so many dedicated fans.

Rob Foley (keeper of Reag's Archives) has been wonderful about providing numerous images, including from Gidget, How to Frame a Figg, Mars Needs Women, and the animated images, and has generously helped in a variety of ways to keep this page running well.

Robert M. Bratcher Jr. has very generously made his satellite available for viewing Yvonne Craig's various roles.

David Sutton (keeper of The Batman -- Batfan Page) has also generously provided many images, including ones from Batman, Wild Wild West, and In Like Flint.

twof (keeper of Siamese Human Knot website) has passed along many great images.

Brian Feeney has provided sound clips of very entertaining dialogue.

Scott van Swearingen has helped me figure out how to capture video and sound.

AMJ has provided some images of Craig as Marta on Star Trek.

David (keeper of Dobie -- Dobie Gillis Homepage) has passed along the wonderful Dobie promotional photo.

I use the following sites to obtain TV schedule information: TV Now, TV Guide, Ultimate TV, MediaOne SearchTV, Yahoo TV, The Sci-Fi Channel, Man from UNCLE on TNT, Wild Wild West on TNT, Starsky and Hutch on TNT, and Nick at Nite/TV Land.

Don Solomon, Spectre1936, Jim Leonard, Clifford Blau (keeper of The Sarah Jessica Parker Appreciation Page), Greg Altenberger (keeper of Elvis' Women), Martin Albert, Thommo, Pete Biggs, Tie, and many others have provided information and moral support, which has helped this page enormously.

And special thanks to Yvonne and Meridel for the information they have provided, but more importantly for their support and kindness.

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