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Robert Vaughn is one of the most distinguished actors of this century, with a career spanning 40 years and still going strong. Perhaps best known as Lee in The Magnificent Seven, Walter Chalmers in Bullitt, or the enormously popular Napoleon Solo in the television series The Man From UNCLE, Vaughn has built his career on the strength of his powerful performances. Born in New York on November 22, 1932; he began acting as a youth. He has done radio and theatre as well as television and film work. After graduating high school in 1950, he attended the University of Minnesota. In 1952 he transferred to Los Angeles City College, graduating in 1956. He spent a year in the army, and then resumed his career. In 1960 Vaughn earned his master's degree from the University of Southern California, and his Doctorate in communications and political science in 1970. His thesis was published in 1972 as Only Victims: A Study of Show Business Blacklisting and is regarded as one of the definitive works on the McCarthy/Communism upheaval. Only Victims is still available in paperback and is used regularly in law schools today.

After 41 years of bachelorhood, he married in 1974. He and his wife Linda have two children: Cassidy and Caitlin.

Vaughn has been honored many times in his career. In 1959 he earned a nomination for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for The Young Philadelphians. While starring in The Man From UNCLE Vaughn garnered two Golden Globe nominations for Best Actor in 1965 and 66, and was awarded the 1965 Photoplay Gold Medal for most Popular Actor. In 1968 he earned a BAFTA nomination for Best Supporting Actor in Bullitt, and in 1977/78 he won the Emmy for Outstanding Continuing Performance by an Actor in a Drama Series for his work in Washington: Behind Closed Doors. He was nominated again in 1979 as Best Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Special for Backstairs at the White House. Vaughn's most recent honor came in 1998, when he was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, located at 6633 Hollywood Boulevard.

Daniel Bolton has put together the comprehensive site dedicated to Vaughn. The Vaughn Lounge features an extensive biography, transcripts of magazine articles going back to the early days in Hollywood, a review of the book Robert Vaughn: A Critical Study by John B. Murray, and some wonderful pictures of Vaughn as a child, at his wedding, etc. I highly suggest spending some time there, as well as at the official Robert Vaughn site, which lists personal appearances and latest news.

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