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The catalog lists most of what is available from the library. Some videos and dvds are not presently listed. If you are looking for something in particular and don't see it listed, please ask if it is available. At present the Catalog is listed in number order only.  A category listing may be available at some point in the future.

A-Team Lending Library Catalog

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Users are allowed to borrow at most 3 zines (and/or other items) at a time. To borrow titles from the library:

1. Email the Librarian at  with your choices.

2. The Librarian will get back to you to confirm

(a) that the titles you requested are currently in the library
(b) the cost of postage and deposit.

3. Send a check or money order to cover postage and deposit for the materials you are borrowing.

Payments can now also be made via Paypal. Ask the Librarian for details.

Materials are loaned out for a period of 4 weeks, maximum. Please return the zines to the Librarian as soon as you are finished with them so that other people can enjoy them (and you can borrow more stuff!) Once your borrowed zines are returned, your deposit will be returned - unless you would like to leave it on hold at the library, a good choice if you intend to be a frequent user.

For any questions, contact Librarian

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To become a library sponsor, e-mail Librarian

This collection is made possible only because of the support of our sponsors. If you would like to donate zines, videos, and other items, or make a monetary contribution, please contact the librarian. Unless otherwise specified, cash contributions are used for library upkeep (binders, email account, storage, etc.).

The following people have made the Lending Library Collection possible by their donations and support:

Cheryl Barthol

Melanie Bengtson

Amanda Bogardus

Crystal Cochran

Barbara Coleman

Kathleen Coyle

Janet Dugas

Dusty (T.Roubles)

Diana Ferralli

D. Ferrara


Kassandra Fuller

Shannon Fyfe

Jacqueline Giacomo

Jodie Gustafson

Sarah Houghton

Bridget Kelly

Sue Lott

Karen Manetta

Michele Martin

Liz Meinert

Denise Messer 

Laura Michaels

Joy Morrow

Candace Nutting

Susan Owens


Nicole Pellegrini

Liz Perry

Rita Ractliffe

Donna Rogers

Robin Ryder

Mary Sauers

Marianne Shablousky

Terry Shrader


Ann Timmer

Deb Tiny

Pat Weier

Nancy Lynn Wilson

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