Ok...so maybe some of you have noticed the chemistry between Spike and Buffy...maybe you want to read some fic that explores that chemistry. Maybe you realized that I myself will never write Spike/Buffy fic because of my feelings about the perfectness of Buffy and Angel together. :)
Well luckily for you, Sandra DOES write Spike/Buffy fic..and also luckily for you it's VERY good. So maybe you should take a look. ....

Buffy/Angel fans be warned..this is Spike/Buffy fic. I don't want you guys sending flames to Sandra because of the pairing...if you don't like the idea don't read it.

Without further ado...the Fic...

Love & Hate
Buffy and Spike are in a bad situation. They must rely on each other to escape.

Suspicious Minds
Angelus and Spike have a confrontation.

Buffy and Spike meet up in the happiest place on Earth.

Ringing the Changes
Buffy saves Spike, and they find that once again they face a common enemy.
Parts 1-5
Parts 6-Conclusion

Getting Even
Spike attempts to get even with the person that has caused him to suffer a terrible loss.
This one has an Oz/Willow 'shipper angle to it..so fans of that couple should check it out.

Ship Mates
Spike, Buffy and Dru are on the same ship to England. But with Dru unconscious for the trip, Spike find he's spending a lot of time with the Slayer.

Auld Lang Syne
Old acquaintances are reunited on New Year's Eve.

For the Dark
Buffy's been made a vampire, but Angelus' plans for her may go awry.

War of the Watchers
The lover of an slain foe teams up with Trick, and the Watcher's Council, to finish off Buffy.

Green Eyed Monster
Spike gets Dru back, but can their relationship be what it was? Help comes from an unexpected source.

Inspired by Dare's story To Kill This Girl.

Candles for Lucifer
Spike is in for the fight of his life as he takes a vampire challenge.
Buffy, now a vampire, is Spike's minion...but will she ever be his Queen?

The Final Face
Xander and Spike have a talk.

The Gambit Series
A plague develops in Sunnydale, and begins to spread.

Deadly Beloved
An unusual, but necessary wedding.

Follows Deadly Beloved.
The coming of the dhampir means danger for a loved one.

Follows Gardez.
Spike makes a sacrifice.

The baby is on its way.

The Knight's Tour
Takes place 17 years after Legacy.

Please do not archive these stories anywhere without the author's permission. E-mail Sandra for permission or just to tell her how much you've enjoyed yourself.
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