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Dolly (January, 1994)

YM (Young & Modern) (February, 1994)

Girlfriend (March, 1994)

New Weekly (September. 8, 1997)

Playgirl (July, 1998)

Soap Opera News (September, 1998)

Yahoo! Chat (October 22, 1998)

Prevue Interview (December, 1998)

Starlog (January, 1999)

TvGen Interview (January, 1999)

Sci-Fi Entertainment (January, 1999)

Xpose' (X~special #6)

Another Universe (January 1999)

The Globe Online (July 28. 1999)

B98.5- Radio Interview (September 9, 1999)

Xpose' (Sept.-Oct.,1999 #12) Soon!

Other articles & interviews
Cult Times (USA), November 1998, Iss. 38, by Thomasina Gibson, "Flirting With Immortality"

Realms of Fantasy (USA), December 1998, Vol. 5, Iss. 2, by Dan Peres, "The newest Highlander..."

Starburst" (USA), December 1998, Iss. 244, by Thomasina Gibson, "Divine Forces"

Correio da Manh, TV (Portugal), 30 October 1998, pg. 17, "Agente rebelde"

TVZone (UK), May 1999, Iss.115

Impact (UK), June1999,

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