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All these images have been watermarked. Please do not place them on another website or offer them in your own collection. These are for your own personal use as Desktop images. If you would like to use them for some other purpose, be sure to get permission from the webmaster. You do have my permission to *fru* these images, though be aware that they are large in size. If you don't know what *fru* means, oh well:-) Thank you.

Click on each image for large wallpaper size. To set as wallpaper, right click on enlarged image and click on something like "Set As Wallpaper" or save to your WINDOWS directory on your hard drive as a *.bmp (example "NickonRaven.jpg" gets changed to "NickonRaven.bmp"). Then you can check your Desktop/Display Properties and it will always be available for you. Find Display Properties by right clicking on your desktop and up it comes. You'll find those images in "Background>Wallpaper".

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