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Hatching a New Highlander

By James G. Boutilier
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The quirky blend of dark and romantic elements of immortal and mortal mingling and mythology is right up Johansson's alley; the riskier the better.
In fact, it is the very nature of Nick's vulnerability in being linked with the rogue immortal that makes The Raven so inviting. "I want to explore it through my character as I'm living the story. As far as carrying on the Highlander legend, the fact that my character's mortal makes this far more interesting to play...There is a real power in being vulnerable...I love that there is a real humanity to my character and that he makes mistakes. He says the wrong things and puts his foot in his mouth." pj
For Johansson, Nick is a way in for the audience to experience, to interact in a sense with the story in a way we couldnít in the original series because of our separate nature from the immortals. Even the Watchers had their own world. But now, through Nick, a warrior in his own right, we can vicariously connect with that world through him. ďHopefully my way of acting and being will add a new element to the Highlander story and itíll personalize it. People will see a lot of it through me because hereís an immortal which is tough to identify with for us humans, but hereís somebody who is in love with an immortal, whoís working with a immortal and everything that he says is something that you might say to her if you were in that situation.

nick pic Speaking of Watchers, there is a possibility they will appear in the series, but for now it is an uncertain element theyíve set up but havenít explored; however, reports have confirmed that we can expect to see some familiar Highlander faces.

Like Gracen, this actor loves the physical demand the series requires. Absolutely, I used to box quite a bit. I live in Los Angeles and have lived there for about twelve years now and Iím a member of a boxing club and Iíve fought some amateur fights in a group of pretty trained fighters, and I still box here. I just left the gym now and was late to be picked up for work. I love the chess match of boxing, the idea of training.

From the moment the music started beating and Amandaís cape rippled through the night against the backdrop of an old mansion, with only the full moonís light to guide her, I knew the folks at Highlander had something truly different in store for The Raven. Many times through the premiere, the myth of the Raven was used to heighten the antiquity of Amandaís persona, and the whole cat and mouse game between her and Nick; or more appropriately, in keeping with mythology, Raven and wolf game. In the words of Elizabeth Gracen - ďI think if we go for the magic, go for the glamour of it, ĎThe Ravení could be a really unique show!Ē

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By James G. Boutilier.
Sci-Fi Entertainment
January, 1999.

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