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Oscar Vermeulen's Personal Web Site

Oscar Vermeulen's Personal Web Site

Since you're here, you are probably looking for vintage computers, quantitative investment analysis, Hurley sailing boats, Suzuki cars or video games. If you are interested in me rather than my pastimes: I was born in Holland in 1968, studied Economics, and now work as an investment manager in Switzerland. Details are here, and here...

Vintage Computers

Source: www.trailingedge.com/~dlw/comp/ wtemplate.html?cromemcoI've always been a computer hobbyist and over the years, I've gathered a nice collection of machines that shaped the microcomputer revolution since the late Seventies. Here are some pages dedicated to CP/M and my personal computer collection. Some of my obscure hacking projects are implementing CP/M on a modern eZ80 board, and hacking the modern DTV back into a C64.

Personal Video Game Favourites

Yes, yes. I play video games. Let's be intellectual about it, shall we?
This page showcases my favourite games from the past 20 years, taken from my out-of-control games collection.

Hurley Sailing Boats

I bought a Hurley 22 sailing boat in 1996, and became an enthusiast. Nothing cleans the mind like a day on the water. Although I can't claim to be a great expert in sailing, I did set up the web site for the Hurley Owners' Association. You can find that site here, with a more personal take here.

The SA-310 Suzuki Swift Memorial Page

As an 18-year old, I got a Suzuki Swift and for 12 years afterwards, I drove this fantastic little 3-cylindre microcar. It brought me to over 20 countries, driving through Ukranian dirt roads and German Autobahns without fail. A great love story with a sad end, this one!

Quantitative Investment Analysis (Under Construction)

I work in investment management. This industry is being revolutionised by two major trends: (1) a more scientific approach to portfolio management, that is slowly taking over the thinking part of this industry and (2) the power of computing, which enables quantitative analysis as never before.

My Top Five Books

These are the books that matter most to me, either because they made me think, because they are beautiful, or simply because they opened doors for me:

The Gulag Archipel - Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Lord Jim - Joseph Conrad
Hackers - Steven Levy
A Book on C - Al Kelley & Ira Pohl
Principles of Corporate Finance - Richard A. Brealey & Stewart C. Myers

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