This site should not be useful to anyone anymore

I just keep it here to remember me of the old happy days.
*******Out of Date warning***********
These files were both created just after those guilds were opened, so the files are no longer accurate.

Rangers got tuned, so you needthis zip-file
to add those tunes to your char creator

Now it includes the 2 new bower skills and the new bower spells
+ nice bat program that writes helps&costs to your data files
And.... thanks to DRanil who pointed out that old bower skills
have new costs too.
So, you need to change the old lines in skills.chr file to
following values:
weapon skill bow: 100000
steady aim: 300000
markmanship: 500000
quick shot: 300000

AAAAAND, Belfast charcreator updater is proud to present:
The Traders
Just extract the package in your data directory, then you copy&paste
the add2 files in their respective counterparts.

Feel free to bug me in mud if you have some comments/corrections.

Xman jši kiinni :)