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KARI'S HONDA VF750S (V45Sabre) 1982
                                                          Hello and Welcome!
My name is Kari , I'm a physiotherapist from Hämeenlinna, Finland. I'm a proud 
HondaVF750S owner.
I bought my bike 16.10.2000 from a car dealer in Pohjanmaa, Finland. Price was not heavy, they wanted all their bikes out before winter, and that was just what I was waiting for...

I'm going to put all the information about my VF750S in future on these pages, text and photos, travelogue etc. 

The colour of the bike is red candy, "mileage" 87000 kilometers, it has a small sissy bar, handlebar is T-shaped and quite high (too high for me) and there are also some other modifications made as well. Right now I'm thinking if I should try to make it as original as possible or let it be as it is and just polish and give good service to it?!
Honda VF750S ´82, 16.10.2000
"The beginning"

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Tervetuloa !
Tervetuloa !
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Well. I started the "restoration" on 17.5.2001 and took of that high handlebar and replaced it with the original(s). I also took of the rack and sissybar and removed footpedals back to their original places. There are some new pictures of the bike, now named as "Red&Hot", on the third page of these homepages. Pictures were taken before I started the restoration.
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Click the castle if you want to know more about my hometown Hämeenlinna.
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