~*~Honey Dew Dreams~*~

If you like cute graphic and to chat
Than this is the place for you!
The Pixel Mall

These are items that I won in auctions at The Pixel Mall.
They are linked to there original creator's
If you are interested in adopting any of these wonderful works please email me at honeydew_dreams@yahoo.ca
Just a few rules though

1. You MUST have a website, sorry no MSN or Yahoo groups.

2. Your site MUST be FAMILY FRIENDLY. I should be able to view it with any one of my 4 nephews viewing over my shoulder.

3. You MUST RESPECT GRAPHIC ARTISTS, if your using someone else's graphics you must have the proper credit given on EACH page.

4. You MUST have the NRC, NO DRAG SCRIPT & IE6 TOOLBAR DISABLED codes on ALL of your pages.

5. You MUST display the adoption certificates on THE SAME PAGE as the adoption. The link to link the certificate is http://honeydewdreams.tk

6. Please Remember to send me the URL to YOUR site.

Thank you Racheal
Whimsical Lane

Thank you Bryna
Luv 4 Country Graphics

Thank you Nature Child
Nature Child's Home

Thank you Deidre

Thank you Deidre

Thank you Manda
Faery Moon Creations

Thank you Manda
Faery Moon Creations