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Big News!

This page has been moved to FortuneCity at:
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This site will no longer be updated and will be removed after two months (in September)!

So what's this all about?

I made website to host packages for Bloodshed Dev-C++
Bloodshed Dev-C++ is a free and free compiler and IDE for the C/C++ programming language.
The packages I made are C/C++ libraries or utilities packed in a zip file, so the user can easily install them.

You can contact me at: or at
BTW: for those who don't know my name, my name is Hongli Lai.
If you want to know more about me, you can find the information at my homepage.

The Latest News(tm)

  • July the 9th: Moved my site to FortuneCity because I need more webspace. I think it's better than Geocities because teh banner doesn't hide the text and the server is faster. This site will no longer be updated and will be removed after two months (in September)
  • July the 9th: Added help files like a C library reference to the Packages page.
  • Later this day... fixed a small bug in this page :-D
  • July the 7th: DirectX 7.0 has been added. The OpenGL package has been updated (I recommend you to download it if you're using a previous package).
    I highly recommend you to download Dev-C++ 3.99.3, which will be released today. If you don't, you will not be able to use the templates (thus you must mess with header files and compiler options etc.)
  • -
  • July the 4th: A new version of the Packaga Manager has been released. It has been enhanced and bugs (including the toolbar icons) are fixed. New packages are added.
  • June the 30th: I gave the site a new look. This time, I also stole... eh I mean, borrowed the look from the Gnome website :-D. Some packages are updated.
  • June the 29th: The Bloodshed server has been down for a while, but now it's online again. I updated the links to the Bloodshed server. BTW, I will give this site a new look soon.
  • May the 6th: OpenGL 4.00 added.
  • April the 23th: I didn't succeeded in packing wxWindows. Instead, I packed DirectX.
  • April the 22th: It's been a while! Fixed a small language error, thanks to Jonathan Nelson
  • March the 31th: Added a Links section and a counter
  • March the 29th: Added my email address.
  • March the 26th: Changed the site's layout. I stole.. eh, I mean borrowed the look from the Gnome website. :-D
  • April the 22th: The site is launched! The GTK+ package is finished.
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