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The Honky Hoppers take you back to a simpler time with their honky style of polka music. This style brings back memories of corner taverns, juke-boxes, 45 rpm polka records and Polish parish lawn fetes.

Richie Kurdziel has a diverse blend of musicians to accompany his unique style. Current members of the Honkey Hoppers include: Casey Kliszak, Rick
Pijanowski, Dennis Paner, Frank Zeczak and Bill Barnas.

They get together a dozen times a year to celebrate their musical roots. Their loose but effective musical style and humor make the Hoppers real crowd pleasures.

They have appeared at many polka festivals including the Polka Fireworks at Seven Springs, Fiedor's Grove, Judy Stringhill's Polka's in the Hills, the Polka Fest at St. Stan's in Niagara Falls and they also perform locally for the Buffalo Polka Boosters and Polka Variety Clubs in Buffalo.

Recently, the Honky Hoppers brought their show to Cleveland, Ohio, Barnesville, PA, and Albany, NY.

They have recorded four albums, the last three on CD:
All Dressed Up with No Place to Go, Old-Fashioned Polkas and our latest, Standing Room Only, a live perfomance.

The popularity of the Honky Hoppers has grown through the years and they have a large following across the North East.
Their hit song Bandleader's Polka  was rated #1 on the internet for two full months earlier in 2000.

Old-Fashioned Polkas was Sunshine Records best selling CD in 2000.
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