Honoring Homer Sarasohn
Homer Sarasohn

Japan's Post-War Recovery
Homer's farewell address upon leaving Japan in 1950

CCS: Industrial Management
The fundamental training tool Homer used to help rebuild the Japanese economy

Creating Japan's New Industrial Management: The Americans as Teachers
       Kenneth Hopper
       (copyright restrictions
       removed by author)

Remembering Homer Sarasohn
       David Howard

Whatever happened to Homer Sarasohn?
       Richard Donkin

A Lesson Learned, A Lesson Forgotten
       Robert Chapman Wood

How Homer Sarasohn Brought Industrial Quality to Japan
       Robert X. Cringely

Quality or Else
       Lloyd Dobyns, et.al.

Quality Assurance and Reliability in the Japanese Electronics Industry
       Michael Pecht
       William R. Boulton

Deming: The Man and the Legend
       Jerry Bowles

When the Boss Starts to Talk About Quality Should I Really Listen?
       Myron Tribus



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CCS course graduates
Graduates of the CCS management course, with Homer Sarasohn, Frank Polkinghorn, and Charles Protzman front row center, left to right. Osaka, 1950.

A leader's main obligation is to secure the faith and respect of those under him. The leader must himself be the finest example of what he would like to see in his followers.”
—Homer Sarasohn, 1948