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4.29.03- Check out our updated
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4.1.03- See pictures from our trip to the Young Authors Artists Conference!
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3.25.03- Check out our updated
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3.21.03- The Honors Science Research Class will be presenting at the Young Authors/Artists Conference at the Hartland consolidated school on March 29th! Don't miss it!

Also, check out our
Projects page to see what we've done so far, and what we're up to next!
Projects Page

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Our Class at a Glance:
The Nokomis Honors Science Research Class


Jill Burill, John Coons, Amanda Cross,
Gavin Dow, Jenna Easler, and Danielle Morse

Mr. Howard Whitten

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We recently went on a trip to Nova Scotia with Honors Science. Check it out here!
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