Once upon a time, in a land known as cyberspace, it was not at all uncommon for folks to gather, exchange ideas, and enact certain types of fantasy.  This was usually done in places known as chatrooms, channels, or zones.  For the purposes of this page, we'll call this practice "Hanging Out Online" - HOO, for short.

The places to HOO still exist, but to some people, are less stimulating than they once were. 

Scenes from a chatroom, taken
March 30, 2003..no editing except for changing SN's to protect...me:

V9999: any boyz 14-16 wana chat wit a 14/f/puerto rican imme
Domino effect9999: puerto ricans have bib butts
No1brat99999: HEY
BrokenPromises9999: 18/f/white/singel/ohio
JSp99999: 21/M/NJ
Domino effect99999: big
V99999: any boyz wanan chat imme
Low77777: 18/m/8.5 inches
BrokenPromises9999: hi low
Low77777: hey
Domino effect99999: white single and in ohio,you must be a dream
Lilbigbrain9999: puerto ricans knows stylr
JSp99999: Broken gotta pic
Domino effect9999: lowass,you mean 4 inches
HotgurlSNSN: ANY GUYS 14 PRESS 666
RJ888888: 666
Guill9999l: HI I AM A GUY
Low77777: uh, no i mean 8.5


Today's average chatroom consists of endless chatlogs such as this, often punctuated with such commonalities as:

a/s/l ?  got a pic?  I got pics, s2r!, list me 

Need I go on?

Some people try to keep a community going, where people join, and attempt to go back to the old exchange of ideas, delve into fantasy, the old way of hanging out online.

The sad fact is that hanging out online is not as fun as it used to be!   People miss the old days, when it was easy to :pull up a chair:  and :smile charmingly: to a newcomer, be caught up in a flurry of activity in a place to escape our lives for a short time.

Some have gone off to subscription based games, such as EverQuest or The SIMS. 
But not everyone wants the razzle-dazzle that comes along with those (or perhaps the additional cost). 

Some have remained stubbornly in their place, battling frustration to try to resurrect something that seems to have been replaced entirely by unwanted commercialism and personal ads.  These are the people that might find this page useful.  Take a look, maybe it will help.

HOO2RP - Hanging Out Online to Role Play - a guide for exploring new worlds.