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Come and visit my photo gallery and see all my favoritepics. Animated or reality it's always fun.

What is your fav. Star Wars game.

Jedi kight II Jedi Outcast

Jedi Kight Dark Forces II

Star Wars Galixies

Jedi Knight Jedi Academy

Kinghts of the Old Republic

Rebel Strike

The Clown Wars

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this is a fun and free game site all you hve to do is sign up. "and it realy is free!"


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a great place to start a web page or website.

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For everyone who likes Star Wars on this site here are a few of my favorite pics.

I also own the viper defender

Here is some Star Wars must know info.

The lightsaber is the elegant weapon of the Jedi Knights. These power swords project blades of pure energy capable of cutting through most materials-except the blade of another lightsaber. The design seems simple from the outside: a handgrip with several switches ends in a mirror-like, a concave metal disk. Inside the handgrip, power cells and variously shaped crystals are activated to produce the narrow beam of meter-long light that gives the lightsaber its name. When activated, a lightsaber hums with power. Considered archaic when compared to blasters and othber modern weapons, lightsabers are nonetheless impressive and powerful personal weapons that require extensive training to use effectively. Tradition dictates that lightsabers be constructed by their Jedi owners as part of the knighthood training. The lightsaber is a compact technological wonder built into a handle from 24-30 centemeters long. A single power cell produces a tremendous charge of energy which flows through a series of multifaceted jewels within the handle's interior. The jewels focus the energy into a tight beam that can be emitted from the concave disk atop the handle. Sabers with a single jewel have a fixed amplitude and blade length. Those with multiple jewels (usually no more than three) can alter their amplitude and change the length of the light blade. This is accomplished by rotating an exterior control that varies the distance between the jewels. The emitted beam arcs back from its positively charged continuous energy lens to a negatively charged high-energy flux aperture set in the disk atop the handle. The power amplitude determines the point at which the beam arcs back, setting the blade's length. The lightsaber's blade emits no heat, though it does fluoresce.

An Example Of All Star Wars Lightsabers:

Jedi Type Blade Color
Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight Green
Darth Vader Sith Lord Red
Anakin SkywalkerJedi PadawanBlue
Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi Kight Green
Qui-Gon JinnJedi KnightGreen
Mace WinduJedi MasterPurple
YodaJedi MasterGreen
Ki-Adi-Mundi Jedi KnightPurple
Darth MaulSith LordRed

These links will take you to pages that have Cheats, hints, walk throughs, and startagies.

Crystal Key


Jedi kight2 Jedi Outcast

The Game Review Section 5 possible

Myst 4/5

The Crystal Key 3/5

Jedi kight 2 Jedi Outcast 5/5

The Sims 4/5

Pac Man 4/5

Jedi Kight Dark Forces II 2/5

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