Coming Soon: HoodWear Half Pints
Baby Blue available in Carolina Blue with Black or Blue screening in Adult sizes.
$20.00 XL-XXXL

      HoodWear is an urban clothing line established to bring attention to the many injustices in our Prison systems. For all of the people who have a loved one incarcerated, this clothing line is for You!
         Please represent our causes & buy HoodWear. ArtworX for HoodWear are drawn up by men & women who are wrongly convicted & fighting from behind the walls.
   Freedom of Expression is our moral foundation. Our financial plan is to maintain our non-profit, Captive Urban ArtworX, and promote other non-profits who focus on education, prison issues, art, urban issues, community interaction, and much more.
    No one should be locked up for crimes they did not committ. The Just Us System is going to be exposed. Know Your Rights.
     In HoodWorld, we put you on blast.  For those Industry folks who rap, sing & glorify the prison attire & system and their 'Homies' that are locked up, we challenge you to support  the True Blues who are in Need to be Freed.
Let's stop speaking about it & be about it instead!
  Please sign our guestbook if you have experienced the System. We'd love to hear your stories.

*** Under Mass Construction!!! ***
Non-Profit Mission Statement
Cop Yo' Blue Jean Ribbon Today!
How Can I Help?
Clicks these links to learn more.
Word of Mouth is all we need to get this Project up & running.
Thanks for all of your support.