HOMELAND TERRORISTS
                                Pedophiles, Priests And Terrorists


           Once again, the goverment has been taken from the people. This time only a week after Justice forces        moved against homeland terrorist elements supplying the mid-east with arms.

      Last time, anthrax cleared out the capitol. The people involved are the same.

     The Terrorist Attack On AMERICA Came When The JUSTICE DEPARTMENT Moved Against The 250,000 INTERNET PEDOPHILES in AUGUST 2001 and Began Laying Criminal Charges. The ANTHRAX ATTACKS Were An Attempt To Steal The LEGAL DOCUMENTS Pertaining To The Pedophile Case. The person behind the terrorist attacks is CAL BLACK. CAL BLACK has immunity from all prosecution from his time spent as a PRIEST and in the  DIPLOMATIC CORPS, including being a duplicious advisor to the QUEEN and the murderer of PRINCESS DIANA. CAL BLACK Operates In GRAND BEND And LONDON, Ontario, CANADA.  He is active in COUNTERFEITING,  CHILD PORNOGRAPHY,  DRUGS  AND  ARMING TERRORISTS. Many INTERNATIONAL TERRORISTS have appeared in GRAND BEND as The Guest Of CAL BLACK, including SADAM HUSSEIN.
      Cal Black was a double agent in Englands M1, originally from Russia. He ingratiated himself into the homosexual community and from there into the sub-culture of pedophiles where he offered generous protection through immunity. He was eventually found out as a double agent and sent back to the USSR. That is when the plan was activated to send the sexual-psychotic pedophiles on their rampage. They terrorised Britains infrastructure until Cal Black was offered what he wanted in return. He chose to operate in North America with no supervision.
     Cal Black indoctrinates people into his group by assuring them they will not have to do anything illegal. British Columbia is a proving ground for pedophilia legalisation.  As legislation in favor of pedophilia neared, charges against internet pedophiles loomed, and Cal Black took drastic action in the International Airports where diplomats move freely and used his beloved fanatics.
     Local neighborhood pedophiles are the main strength of CAL BLACKs program of HOMELAND TERRORISM. These are local psychopaths who are willing to prey on the weakest members of society AND children. You would recognize them on a local level. They are into everybodys business, frequently using blackmail and often asking if you leave your doors unlocked.
    I Suffered Childhood Sexual Abuse, Physical Torture, Psycological Torture And Physical Deformation by Cal Black. CAL BLACK Was A Roman Catholic PREIST. The Abuse By CAL BLACK Continued Into Adulthood And Included LSD Drug Therapy And False Criminal Charges Which Led To False Imprisonment. These And More Are The Machinations of a PEDOPHILE SEXUAL PERVERT hiding behind the Protection of DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY. It is Important That Those Who Do The Bidding Of CAL BLACK Know That He Is A PEDOPHILE And That They Are Actively Participating In PEDOPHILE ABUSE.
     The following people are not authorised by me to act on my behalf; dwight jennison,cal black,phillip panet,ed grenier, mike ferguson, rick neilson, karl neilson, tom kadlecik,jerry sanders,dr.les barr, jeff gooding,dick wright,guy stanley, mike eagleson, floydd wilde, bob hamilton, sandra (taylor) cronk, rebecca (taylor) boles, david taylor and a homosexual guy named brett who worked at gables tavern,grand bend,ontario,canada in1983, he is very shadowy and trans-continentally mobile, he also has arab friends. If they have swindled their way into such a position so as to affect me ,my property or my finances then this is notice that they are fired.
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