16 Oct 2006
Sain bai nuu!!! We are Mongolia!! It was a long ride from Hohhot, China, 36 hours, including a 9hr stop at Erlian (Chinese border) and 3-4hr at Zamyn Uud (Mongolia border). This time, we paid more for a soft-sleeper, pretty comfy. The only part that we felt we needed to curse someone was the stop at Erlian. We got off the train to go to the toilet… to find out later that re-entry back to the train is only allowed after clearing the immigration which opens at 2pm… it was 7:30am!!! And train only leaves at about 4:30pm. So like 2 homeless souls, we stood in front of the station, staring at the most uninteresting town.

17 Sept 2006
Sigh! Due to technical error, our courier pigeon has to change his flight plans after we have bought our ticket back to GuangZhou from Kunming. So instead of meeting in ShenZhen, we have to find our way to Chengdu on the 18th. So Shyan decided to cheat a little… we are flying there. That gave us a few days to kill, so Hong Kong here we come! Feast on Wanton Mee, Roast Duck, TianTang; catch up with a friend, FishBoy; score 2 free dinners, all while 'renewing' our Chinese visa.

02 Sept 2006

Can't believe it, I'm such a silly billy to have left our money belts (with all our cash inside) at home. Only realised it after the plane roared off! Gosh! So much for an intrepid traveler, to make a stupid mistake like this. Great way to start our journey!

Not to be defeated, we put 2 great minds together, and decided the best way out of this little mess was to arrange for a courier pigeon to send us our precious cargo. The closet date Chong's Pigeon Services could deliver, was 11 September in ShenZhen.

And so, this fortunate accident, brought us to beautiful Yunnan. A place unlike any other in China. A place I have always wanted to return to and share with Shyan.

22 Aug 2006
It didn't take long to decide where we ie. Seah, would like to go our first long trip. A good 6 months with absolutely no responsibilities, except to enjoy the journey. The idea of visiting her dream, South America, was quickly abandoned due to the cost factor. But, wherever it is, this is still gonna be a trip of a lifetime!

Here's where our journey will take us… First, we'll fly to GuangZhou on the 31st August, spend a few days there, then to Xi'an and hopefully find our way into Mongolia by train. Spend 3 weeks there to explore the top attractions. Next stop would be Inner Mongolia, then Yinchuan, where we'll traverse the legendary Silk Road to northwest China. Then, cross the border to Kazakhstan, travel south to Kyrgyzstan, and back to China again for Tibet. From there, to Nepal, India and Sri Lanka. We'll then take our first flight (since touching Guangzhou!) to Thailand, chill out a little before heading home.

I'll try to update this site with our travel experiences, the culture, the people, the food, and everything else (if I'm not too lazy!) You can also keep in touch with our journey, view the pictures. I'll include the links to my online album.


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