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        HELLO!! Welcome to my little corner of the World Wide Web. Thanks for stopping by; pull up a chair, help yourself to a glass of lemonade, and enjoy yourself while you're here (please have patience while the pictures load. Thanks!).

        The following is a thumb-nail sketch of who I am and what keeps me going day after day:

              ROZ -- the person

        I am a female, born in the 60's, consider myself to be well educated, friendly, sociable. I am single (my pets are my children); I love music, animals, Stephen King novels, chatting on the phone, over a cup of coffee, or via modem. I have a wacky sense of humour, a vivid imagination and the child inside of me is evident in many situations (meaning ONLY that I like to have fun!). *S*

        I am not a complex person, I take pleasure in many of life's simpler things. This is not to say I have no big dreams or goals; I just go about my humble existence, steadily working at achieving my long-term plans. I believe everything happens for a reason -- if my particular dreams are meant to become reality, they will be realized in due course.

        "Live, Love, Laugh, Learn". I try to do each of these every day.

            ROZ -- the musician

        A classically-trained flutist by profession, I enjoy almost all styles of music. I studied music in school; I am a soloist, orchestral player, private instructor, clinician.

        A performer by nature, I have played all over my home province and in many others throughout Canada. As a competitor in my younger years, I have consistently experienced success at the local, provincial, and national levels of competition, capping off my years as CIBC National Music Festival Woodwind Champion in 1990. As hard as it is to be successful in the music biz, I still hold fast to my dream that one day I WILL have a rewarding orchestral/solo career. If you are interested in contacting me regarding information on hiring me for a performance, music lessons, etc., CLICK HERE .

        I give full credit for my discipline and determination in music (and in many other areas of my life) to my "Band Director for Life" (some of you may know who I am talking about). Bob taught me many valuable lessons and for that I will always be grateful.

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            ROZ -- the animal lover

        Next to music, my greatest love is for animals, as I currently share my home with two dogs, three cats, and one male betta (some say I'm beginning to resemble Dr. Doolittle! LOL). I don't treat them as mere pets, I consider them to be my family, and treat them with great respect. I love them all dearly and spoil them rotten (if Chance could talk, she would say I don't spoil her NEARLY enough!). *G*

            ROZ -- the philosophy 

        Try to be the best person you can possibly be, without hurting too many people in the process.

:+) Please drop me a line!!! :+)

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