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My sisfur Bridget and I were proud members of CLAW before it closed...our Bridget has gone to the Bridge,  so now it is up to my new sisfur, Annie, and I to carry on the CLAW tradition in our family so we have joined the *new* CLAW:

C is for the care we give to all
L is for the love we give to all
A is for the action we do for all
W is for the world of cats we love

CLAW's Motto is "We Purr and Serve"

Our Conor was most pleased and honored to have received this award from our beloved Queen Midnight March, 2001 and October 2002
Proud Prince1 of CLAW
Proud Princess1 of CLAW
And our Annie was very proud to receive her recognition from dear Queen Midnight in June, 2001 and October 2002.