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Billy - Best Feature

What do you think Billy's best feature is? His singing, eyes, heart, personality, sense of humor, or something else?


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Best Feature

I would have to say the best things about Billy would have to be his voice and his big heart!!! I have met him a real lot and he is souch a sweety!!! I just love the way he can belt the notes out of him!!! I also would like to say that your website is great!!!

I think Billy's best feature is his eyes, they are so beautiful!!

His eyes. I mean you can get lost in them... I love them... they are so beautiful.

Billys heart,talent,personalirt, he has soo many great features about him it is hard to pick just one.

Does everything county? (lol yes it does!)
Royal All! eyes, singing, heart, humor, ALL!

started May 26th, 2003 You may not steal any graphics, layouts, or contact ideas! I do not have anything associated with Billy.