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Fans - Design The Cover

Here you can design a fake CD about Billy Gilman. I have a couple rules that you need to fallow.

1) The graphic must have the name Billy Gilman on it
2) It can't be too big. I recommend 300x000 and less.
3) You must have your name and your email written small on the bottom so no one else can take your graphic and they can't steal it as their own.
4) If it's going to be one of Billy's original CDs it must have the name of that CD on it if you changed the name.
5) If you make a back to it you must list the songs that are on the CD.
6) If it's going to be a single only have three songs on it.

Your graphic can be of anything. It can be any one of Billy's CDs. If you want to make it a single you can. You can make a back to it. You can put whatever songs that Billy sings you want on it. These are going to be graphics and not real CDs. Exampls of mine coming soon. If you made one please email me it to me at

started May 26th, 2003 You may not steal any graphics, layouts, or contact ideas! I am not associated with Billy.