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You've just entered Billy Fans Forever, originally known as Heartbreaker. This website is dedicated to a 15 year old country singer named Billy Gilman, who has been making records since he was 11 years old. If you have any news, pictures, and contributions please email me.

Posted: 1.10.04
I wanted you guys to know I have a layout ready. It's going to be more of a February layout. Hopefully, this time, it will be up this week! I am not making any promises. It might actually take longer. It should be up sometime this month though for sure unless if any problems accure.

Posted: 1.2.04 @ 10:52
Another excuse to why I haven't updated. I am sorry! I have been lazy with this site. I will admit that. Though, I don't think many people are reading it at the same time. GUESS WHAT? We have our own domain! Instead of it being at geocities it will be changed to As you can see it's not up yet. I have been trying hard to make a new layout. Still nothing has worked. I might be trying too hard. You're going to see a brand new look and some things added as well to the site. HAPPY 2004! Can you believe it's already here? Wow! Anyway, I just wanted to leave you that note. I am hoping the site will be up this week!! I highly recommend seeing the new Peter Pan movie! Boy I have a few words to say about the guy who played Peter Pan (Jeremy Sumpter!)!

Posted:12.20.03 @ 6:15
Christmas is almost here! I got out of school yesterday. We get school off for two weeks! Last year we didn't! >: I've made quit a few updates today. Eh, I am so sick of this layout! This is one of the reasons why there are a lack of updates. I got sick on the last day of school this year. I had to leave early. I was only sick for Thursday night and Friday. Today I am better. It's weird. I can't wait for tomorrow (Sunday)! We're having an Italian dinner. My best friend who I have known since the 4th grade is coming over. We're going to see Return of the King on Monday! I can't wait to see it! I hope everyone is having a merry Christmas with joy, love, happiness, and Billy Gilman. Maybe one of us will be lucky to get Billy on Christmas day? lol

Look at the updates. Here is a note for you guys. It takes me a couple months to make a layout. I am going to try and make a layout for February. So probably sometime towards the end of January this site will go on hiatus for a new look. I am hoping that is what's going to happen. Sorry I can't get a Christmas layout up. I've looked at it all summer and I am sick of looking at it. There isn't enough time. I am a beginner so it probably takes me longer then most.
My friend Sarah known as swtsarah on Billy fan message boards came up with a great idea. We might be doing our downloads together. I've been putting some things together with my graphic skills. Cool new things are on it's way.
I decided to make a mailing list for the site. If you guys want to know when it's updated, you can just check your mail. It's easier that way so you don't just have to keep coming here and maybe see nothing. Fill the list out below.

YOU MUST PUT YOUR NAME! No nicknames. Just give me your full name to be added to the list.


Email Address

Hey everyone! I made a few updates today. I am working on some things on the site. You guys really like Best Feature. Please contribute to the other sections!! Thanks for sending in your submitions. I really appreciate it after all of the hard work I put into this website. Sorry this is such a small update. More is coming! I am sorry I've only made two updates this month. I'll try and do more during the month. HTML is hard and not always easy. I hope you guys can understand. The pictures didn't work before but they should now.

Sorry it took longer then I thought! No, I did not abandoned the site. I do plan on keeping this site updated monthly. I am going to try to every week. What do you guys think of a layout? I don't have a guest book yet so please leave your comments in the Tag Board. I am working on a message board right now. There are a few problems with it and that's why I can't put it up yet. I actually have a vision for this site in the future. Hopefully one day it will have it's own home as it's own domain.
As some of you know and some of you may not know, Billy has updated his fact sheet. He has done it at BillyHeads. I changed it here but I also kept the old facts to we can remember the things he liked when he first started out as a singer. If you look to the side you will see other things I have updated.
I used to have a news page. I don't right now but I'll make one either this week or next week. Sorry it's taken so long!

started May 26th, 2003 You may not steal any graphics, layouts, or contact ideas! I am not associated with Billy.