Obsessed...or just a fan...?
*Starred items we have actually done*

*1. You flip out every time you see/hear anything that is somehow related to them.

*2. You can relate any word or phrase to them (example...blood >> red >> they wear red)

*3. You are constantly asking people if your first name sounds better with Trousdale, McCartney, Ballinger, Galasso, or Raposo.

*4. Their security guards know you by name. (Of course we didn't chase them down a hallway...)

*5. ok....we chased them down a hallway...
and then outside...
and then ALMOST through the stage door....

*6. You've had strange dreams involvong them on numerous occasions.

*7. You are trying to convince your teacher to watch their performance because it's "educational".

*8. You actually DO convince your teacher to watch it.

*9. You have written out a script for a soap opera concerning love, murder, and cheating all involving you and Dream Street.

*10. You have their T-Shirt hanging on your wall.

*11. You convinced Greg, Frankie, and Chris to sign your shoes and show them off to EVERYONE!

*12. You find out what school one of them (not mentioned) goes to after searching online for hours! Then, a few weeks later, you figure out the rest of them.

*13. You turn down a date when someone who asks you out because 'Frankie's still single"

*14. You refuse to give someone lunch money because they can't sing "Dream On". (Nice attempt, though, Dom)

* 15. You mail in an entry form every day for a month, hoping to win a contest that somehow involves Dream Street.

* 16.  You make sure to say goodnight to Chris', Greg's, Frankie's, Jesse's, and Matt's pictures every night*

17. You have all their lines memorized from every movie they've been in and repeat them at every given chance.

*18. Thanks to Sara and the rewind button you have seen Frankie's "We call it reshi" line from Jungle2Jungle 9 times in one sitting.

*19. You have their cup from the Holiday concert and proudly display it in your room.

*20. You can stare at their pictures for a half an hour and come up with new things every time (hey! jesse is wearing black in most of the pictures! [gasp] isn't greg italian?)
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* 21. You sign up for lacrosse at school because Matt does even though you don't even know what it is.

* 22.While reading books, you shriek at any word/phrase that happens to relate to them in any way.

* 23.Everyone in your school either loves them or hates them because you talk about them so much.  (sadly, we have no more friends...except for Jesse, Frankie Greg, Matt and Chris!)

*24. You go up to random people and tell them "the story of Dream Street"

*25. It's gotten to the point where even your mom says she loves Chris just to make you happy.

*26. You have copied the signatures/handwriting exactly (SARA)

*27. You have interpreted their signatures and dance moves to discover their  "true" personalities (click
here to learn more!)

* 28. You try numerous times to convince every member of Dream Street to give you  their chain, and Frankie almost does!

* 29. Instead of giving up, You try to steal Frankie's chain! (hey Frankie...hum hum...can I have a hug? No,
I didn't steal your chain!)