IN MEMORY: Chris "Tweeder" Bolin

IN MEMORY: Chris "Tweeder" Bolin
       I made this page in memory of my son Chris who was killed in an automobile accident on March 1, 2001, at the age of 17. Chris had a smile that was contagious. He had a heart the size of Texas. He loved everyone. His love was unconditional and unbiased. He had a way of making people feel better about themselves. He was a shoulder to lean on, a friend to count on and the one who was strong when strength was hard to find. He was not a big guy, but he made up for it in personality. He seemed to light up a room with his presence. His arms quick with a hug, his voice filled with laughter, he always seemed to find a way to make things ok. He was the best friend I ever had. I have learned more from him than anyone I've ever known. I admire the person he was. I am proud of all he accomplished. We live in a small town and have less than 500 students in our high school, yet more than 1,200 people attended his funeral held in the high school gymnasium. People stood in line for hours waiting for their turn to say goodbye to this young man who had touched their lives in some way. And, he is still touching lives in so many ways. He once told me he wanted to be an organ donor. I honored that wish. He was able to donate tissue, bone, skin for grafting and his corneas to enhance the lives of many people. He also even gave a life- saving artery, so someone was able to live because of his generosity and caring nature. Also, a scholarship fund was set up in his memory soon after his death. In less than 3 years it has reached over $13,000 and continues to grow. We have awarded 2 students $1,000 each for the last 2 years to help with their college expenses. He also continues to help people by sending his wonderful gift of love from heaven. He lets me know in so many different ways that he is still with me. That is how I survive, with God's grace and Chris's continued presence in my life. I have found that when we lose someone we love so dearly our relationship with them does not end. It just changes. I miss him more than words can say, but I do know he's still here, staying close and giving me guidance. Sometimes with a subtle reminder, sometimes with a reprimand, and sometimes with a message through someone else, but always just what I need when I need it most. I know he wants me to keep it together for his younger brother Michael, and for all his friends and family who look to me for strength. Michael lost his brother and doesn't deserve to lose his mother as well. So I muddle through, holding his memories close and trying my best to make my sons proud to call me mom.

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