Hookline and Slogon
WHAT WE OFFER:     A second  opinion on your advertising.   
                                                                                                              FREE ! ! !

You only pay if you choose to use any of our ideas. 
It matters not who you are, or the size of your business. 
You may even be an ad. agency that is just plain stumped......

Send us what you are using or what your thinking of using.
We will send you any thoughts we have......
you use you pay.

At the very least you will get  another perspective.
What have you got to lose?

Got a problem with advertising?     Wish you could come up with the RIGHT idea?
                 Maybe we can.........          At least we can try............ 

For further info. Just email Uncle Remix with your questions or problem.
For free advise put   SLOGON ENQUIRY   in the subject matter of your message.