The 4E1 Calender

New photos, updates...
   Oct 30  2005  5: 41 PM
  I'm rather busy due to the slow updates plus the
   running of this website is troublesome, the videos are
   disabled with the closure of Lycos Circles Beta. The forum
   has been removed due to low demand. The photos for the
   October 2005 Class Reunion are up, hope you enjoy.
   Good luck for those doing Oral Presentations and CLAO
   as well. The Poll link is updated as well. Last but not least,
   Civilization IV is coming out!! 8D Btw, added some new
   files for downloading at Other Downloads.

Happy Teachers' Day!
   August 31  2005   10:33 PM
Updated the gallery with some more photos taken during
  Teachers Day celebration. Videos will be gone by Sep due
  to the closure of Lycos Circles Beta.
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"If matters go badly now, they
will not always be so."

"The Harder you fall,
the Higher you bounce."


(65 - 8 BC)
Greek Poet
The Photos are Up! October Reunion 2005