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Hoop It Up - 2004
The Road To San Antonio
Our 18th Annual March Madness Challenge
A big shout of congrats goes out to Ron Moss.  It's official, Ron is the Hoop It Up Champion for 2004, way to go Ron, nicely done.  Thank you everyone who participated, this year was one of the best ever March Madness Challenges we've ever done.  For the first time ever, we've covered the four corners of the U.S., with entries being recieved from Washington State, California, Maine and Florida, as well as eleven other states in the mix.  We might even go global someday, well maybe not. 

All the winners should see their winnings within the next week, checks are written and will be in the mail by Easter weekend, congrats again to all of you who finished "in the money."

And thanks again everyone, as usual "you are the show." See you next March.
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