Ancient Eyes

By: Steven A. Arts

-----She had eyes that seemed

-----as if they could see

-----across the boundless centuries.

-----Eyes that had stood

-----next to Alexander

-----as he looked across

-----the bloody battlefields of

-----Issus and Arabela.

-----Eyes that had seen

-----a thousand lifetimes and

-----a thousand lifetimes yet unfulfilled.

-----Hers were the eys of

-----the beautiful Nefertiti,

-----gazing upon the Aton in

-----the city of her husband at Akhetaten,

-----now filled over by the blowing desert sands.

-----Hers were the eyes of

-----Queen Guinevere,

-----looking upon the visage of

-----her beloved husband King Arthur at Camelot.

-----Her eyes were endless pits of life.

-----She was old, by far,

-----she had ancient eyes.



Cry of the Unborn Child

By:Steven A. Arts

-----A child sleeps in the womb

-----of an uncaring mother.

-----He who shall never be born,

-----shall be aborted, murdered,

-----for reasons of filial inadequacy,

-----personal reasons and such.

-----What reasons

-----except a mother's life in danger,

-----can justify such an act

-----of barbarity?

-----Instead of giving birth

-----to an unwanted child,

-----one should practice

-----some protected sex.

-----The fetus has no say so

-----in its' own existence.

-----More's the pity

-----for the loss of another mind.

-----A human brain that could

-----conceive another hypothesis,

-----invent a machine to help

-----ease the burdens of mankind.

-----An artist to create

-----yet another world masterpiece.

-----An artist of the written word

-----to create the ultimate novel.

-----I hate to hear

-----this cry of the unborn child.



Celtic Seasons

By:Steven A. Arts

-----Beltane was the fire of Bel,

-----story of summer did tell.

-----Imbolc the time of ewe's milk,

-----spring lactation and ilk.

-----Lugnasad for the god Lugh,

-----marriage to the Earth all through.

-----Samhain a time of the dead,

-----to the Otherworld, a thread.



Gone Forever

By:Steven A. Arts

-----The world is dead,

-----the Earth's gone to bed.

-----the seas are not,

-----as the dead do rot.

-----The stench of death is in the air,

-----the life of Earth has been stripped bare.

-----People did sever,

-----the world we loved,

-----now gone forever.