Past Publication History

By: Steven A. Arts

Adventures in Poetry. March 1980. A poem called "Eire.'

Adventures in Poetry. September 1980. A poem called 'Work.'

Adventures in Poetry. November 1980. A poem called 'Thankful.'

Dreams, Volume 3, Poetry Press, 1981. This book anthology has a poem of mine entitled "Eternity" that I wrote a long time ago.

World Treasury of Great Poems. 1981. A poem called 'On A Day.' Anthology.

Adventures in Poetry. January-April 1981. Poem 'Early America.'

Adventures in Poetry. May-August 1981. A poem called 'Acquisitions.'

Bearcats Yearbook. 1984. I did quite a few black-and-white photographs in this yearbook for the Beaver City, Nebraska High School Yearbook.

Suburban Features Plus. April 1985. An article about the Nebraska state-wide classified ad system.

Family Happiness TV Schedule. July 13-19, 1985. A black-and-white photo with a caption.

3 Score and 10. July 1985. An article, with two black-and-white photographs, about the senior Olympics in Furnas County, Nebraska.

Fate. September 1985. A letter to the editor dealing with the undiscovered ruins of Tartessus/Tarshish.

The Lion. February 1986. A short article about a barbeque in Beaver City, Nebraska, with one black-and-white photograph by me.

Published! February 1986. An article about taxes and writers.

Family Happiness TV Schedules. March 22-28, 1986. An article about the Valley of Hope recovery unit in Norton, Kansas.

Published! April 1986. An article about being a stay at home father/writer.

Editor's Forum. September 1986. About the community newsletter of Stamford, Nebraska.

Nursing Homes and Senior Citizen Care. October 1986. An article about the Geri-Olympics games between nursing home residents in Furnas County, Nebraska.

Published! November 1986. A paragraph about me written by someone else.

Editor and Publisher. December 26, 1986. An article about the Nebraska state-wide classified ad system.

Published! January 1987. An article about cramped work space and a b&w photo with caption.

Home Business News. January/February 1987. About Apple Kay's crafts business near Orleans, Nebraska, one black-and-white photo on the cover.

The Lion. February 1987. An article, with three black-and-white photos, about a truck pull in Holdrege, Nebraska.

Home Business News. May/June 1987. About making wooden toys at home, with two black-and-white photographs.

BikeReport, June 1987. This magazine has an article of mine dealing with the hiking and biking trail at Fort Kearney (Nebraska).

Working At Home. July 1987. An article about making dolls.

Truckers/USA. July 1987. A trucking company from Ashland, Nebraska that transport race horses.

Writer's Guidelines. July 1987. Photojournalist and Markets columns.

Writer's Guidelines. August 1987. Photojournalism and Markets columns.

Nook News. Fall 1987. Photojournalism column.

Writer's Guidelines. September 1987. A column piece about writing for newspapers, and a poem.

Writer's Guidelines. November 1987. A column piece about writing for magazines, and an article about writers as teachers.

Rural Enterprise. Winter 1987. An article with color photographs about Apple Kay's business in rural Orleans, Nebraska.

Nook News. Winter 1987. Photojournalism column.

Writer's Guidelines. December 1987. Photojournalism and Markets columns, article on regional writing and one poem.

Kanhistique, January 1988. An article dealing with Kansas UFOs from 1897.

The Freelancer's Report. January 1988. An article about unlisted markets for writers.

Writer's Guidelines. January/February 1988. Photojournalist column, Market column and one poem.

Rural Electric Nebraskan, March 1988. Contains an archaeological article dealing with a dig in Frontier County, Nebraska.

Writers Guidelines. March 1988. A column piece on aerial photography, a poem and a short biography, with one black-and-white photo.

A column about Fil speed, a Markets column, and a poem.

Writer's Digest Book Club-Looks At Books newsletter. March, June, July, August, September, and November 1988. Wrote some short, unbylined pieces used as fillers for this book club newsletter.

The Lion. April 1988. A little league baseball tournament in Stamford, Nebraska, with three black-and-white photographs.

Writer's Guidelines. April 1988. Photojournalist column. Anniversary issue.

Writer's Guidelines. April 1988. Market column.

Overdrive. April 1988. An article about Bosselmean's Truck Stop in Grand Island, Nebraska, with six color photographs.

Writer's Guidelines. May 1988. Article on selling overseas, and one poem.

Nook News. Spring 1988. Photojournalism column.

Nook News. Autumn 1988. Photojournalism column.

Nook News. Winter 1988. Photojournalism column.

Home Work. January 1989. An article about myself as a freelance writer.

The Final Draft. February 1989. An article about photojournalism.

Washington Writer's Market Report. April 1989. A very short piece about adding photos to your articles.

Nook News. Spring 1989. Photojournalism column.

Truckers/USA. May 1988. Controversial article about wild mustang horses being sold to slaughter by a Nebraska trucking firm, with three black-and-white photographs.

Writer's Guidelines. June/July 1988. A humorous article about being published.

Home Work. October 1988. Two short articles; one about photography, and one about doll making.

Home Work. November 1988. An article about the popularity of country craft businesses.

Rock Falls Review. 1989. A short article about Nevada airships, circa 1896.

American Collector's Journal. January 1989. An article about collecting American road maps, of which I have a large collection, with two black-and-white photographs.

The Lion, February 1989. About a track and field event sponsored by The Lions Club in Kensington, Kansas.

Lady's Circle, March/April 1989. This contains an article about Apple Kay's Country Crafts business in Orleans, Nebraska.

The Rangefinder, June 1989. How to use photography to help the writer sell his non-fiction articles.

The Lion. October 1989. An article about a motorcycle motocross race near Orleans, Nebraska, with five black-and-white photographs.

Rock Falls Review. October 1989. An article about being in creative limbo.

Guidelines magazine. September 1989. An article about photojournalism.

Woman's Enterprise, December 1989. The article here deals with a crafts business called Betsy's Bobbins in Phelps County, Nebraska.

Kansas!, 4th Issue, 1989. A business article dealing with a place called Homesteaders Supply Company in Atwood, Kansas.

North Platte (Nebraska) Daily Telegraph. late 1980s. For several years I worked as a so-called 'correspondent' for this daily newspaper. I covered mostly northern Furnas and all of Frontier County, Nebraska. Many articles and photographs.

Ft. Dodge (Iowa) Daily Messenger. Summer 1989. While living temporarily in Rockwell City, Iowa, I worked for this daily newspaper, covering at least a dozen articles, many with photographs. Covered a town hall meeting with Senator Charles (Chuck) Grassley.

Shenandoah (Iowa) Evening Sentinel newspaper. Worked at this small daily newspaper for over three years, from 1989 to about 1993. Hundreds of articles and photographs of mine published here. I was also the society editor of the newspaper for about a year. The biggest story that I covered here was a four day murder trial in Clarinda, Iowa of one James (Jim) Bettis, of Shenandoah, who was said to have murdered his best friend's mother.

Nook News Market Bulletin, Spring 1990. This was a ten page booklet that I wrote alone and was part of The Writer's Nook News, a market bulletin for writers. This booklet stood on its own.

Nook News, Spring 1990. I wrote a column for a couple of years dealing with the writer as his own photographer. That column appeared in this issue as well.

Western Photo Traveler (same as Photo Traveler), June/July 1990. Article for photographers dealing with Shenandoah, Iowa area.

Photo Traveler, August/September 1990. An article dealing with the tourist attraction for photographers called The Grotto of the Redemption in West Bend, Iowa.

The Antique Trader, August 8, 1990. An article about the hobby of collecting road maps.

Photo Traveler, December/January 1991. This issue contained an article of mine for photographers dealing with photo sites in northeastern Nebraska.

Small Business Opportunities, January 1991. An article with black-and-white photographs dealing with how to start your own antique shop.

Income Opportunities, March 1992. This was an article focusing on the book publishing firm of David Kubicek of Lincoln, Nebraska, an aquaintance of mine.

New Writer's Magazine, September/October 1992. This was an article of mine dealing with the new photojournalism, as I call it. This subject is one of my best-sellers.

Carroll County: Experience Quality of Life, 1993. One of my color photographs was on the cover of a local tourism package in Carroll County, Illinois.

Prairie Advocate, Larark, Illinois. 1993 to 1994. Worked part-time as a writer and photographer for this weekly regional newspaper.

Clinton Herald newspaper, Clinton, Iowa. Worked on a freelance basis for this daily newspaper from 1994 to 1996. Many articles and photographs. Covered the preliminary hearing for a teenager from Thompson, Illinois who was accused of beating his girlfriend to death with a baseball bat, and then left her for dead along the Mississippi River.

Capper's, April 1996. An article about airships from 1896 to 1897.

Prolific Freelancer, January 1996. Here was an article dealing with writers using photography to sell their own articles.

Prolific Freelancer, March 1996. An article for this writer's publication.

Prolific Freelancer, June 1996. An article for writers about working for newspapers.

The Lion, September 1997. An article about a basketball tournament that the Atlantic and Anita, Iowa Lion's Clubs helped sponsor.

Writing For Money, November 1997. Article about photojournalism for writers.

The Literary Journal, January 1998. An article about the southwestern Kansas archaeological ruin called El Quartelejo.

This 'N' That For Writers,February 1998. An article about photojournalism for writers.

The Lion, February 1998. This was an article dealing with a basketball tournement between the Cass County, Iowa towns of Atlantic and Anita, held in Atlantic, and sponsored by both Lion's Clubs. Two color photographs.

The Literary Journal, March 1998. I had an article published dealing with the little-known Indian ruin in Kansas called "El Quartelejo."

Photo Traveler, May 1998. An article mainly about the tourist town of Galena, Illinois for this photographer's magazine.

Photo Traveler, June/July 1998. An article for photographers dealing with the upper Mississippi River around the Iowa/Illinois area.

Photo Traveler, November 1998. An article about traveling for photographers in Nebraska and Iowa.

Photo Traveler, December/January 1999. A combined article for photographers that covers southwestern Iowa and northwestern Nebraska.

Power Trips, February 1999. An article about the little-known archaeological ruin called El Quartelejo in southwestern Kansas, in this pagan publication. This print publication is now defunct.

Keystrokes, September 1999. An article dealing with photojournalism and internet writing opportunities. This online publication is now defunct.

Canadian Writer's Journal, Summer 1999. There was an article in here of mine about photojournalism.

Canadian Writer's Journal, July 2000. An article dealing with photojournalism skills for writers.

The Lion, September 2000. A color photographic article dealing with RAGBRAI, the Register and Gazette Bike Ride Across Iowa, in this official magazine of the Lion's Clubs. I've had almost a dozen articles in this magazine over the years.

Canadian Writer's Journal, Winter 2000. A poem of mine, called "Creator," was published here.

Fantasy, Folk Lore and Fairy Tales. February 2001, "When Bran Invaded Tir N'Aill." Online publication. The first piece of fiction that I had published. This tale was a totally rewritten piece based on ancient Welsh legend, and Irish legend. This was published online, in a e-publication based in Sioux City, Iowa.

Canadian Writer's Journal, February 2001, The Writer's Life For Me. A poem published in a journal for Canadian writers.

Waxing and Waning. Spring 2001, "The Wild Hunt." Canada. A short story loosely based on ancient Celtic mythology and legend, was published in this Canadian pagan publication. This was my second piece of fiction to be published. This publication is now defunct.

In Udder Word's, March 2001. An article telling writers how to use photographs to help sell their non-fiction work to editors. This has been one of my best-selling subjects.

Old California Gazette, April 2001. A major article about the 1896 to 1897 airships (ufo's).

Rogue Worlds, July 2001. A science fiction story dealing with the perceived size of the universe, in this online magazine. The editor of Rogue Worlds recently told me that the story, titled 'The Box' was one of his favorites.

LogBook, Fall 2001. An article dealing with a little-known bit of aviation history. How Doctor Frank Brewster of Beaver City, Nebraska conducted the first recorded medical-related airplane flight to near Herndon, Kansas. We used to live in Beaver City, Nebraska.

Funds For Writers, September 2001. An article about regional writing for online newsletter.

Cross and Quill, September/October 2001. An article about photojournalism for Christian writer's magazine.

Long Ridge Writer's Group Online Newsletter, November 2001. An article about alternative publishing markets for writers.

Canadian Writer's Journal, December 2001. A poem about writing.

Frontier magazine, November-December 2001. A short 300 word article dealing with the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, Nebraska, in this airline magazine, that I co-wrote with my wife, Theresa Arts. One of the few pieces that I've worked on with the assistance of my wife. 2001. The story of the lost city of Tartessus. 2002. Fiction story 'The Wanderer.' Site still online, but defunct.

Inscriptions, May 10, 2002. An interview with best-selling author David Morrell in this online publication for writers.

Elbow Creek, July 10, 2002. An article for an online magazine dealing with airships in the Wild West. Site still online,but now defunct.

Atlantis Rising. November 2002. An article about lost ancient Spanish city of Tartessus, called Tarshish in the Old Testament. Based on research.

Home and Away, January/February 2003. This article is about Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha, Nebraska, and has a few of my best color photographs. This article carried one photograph that I consider to be one of my very best.

Mystery Airships in the Sky, PublishAmerica, Frederick, Maryland, March 2003. This is my first book, a non-fiction book dealing with airships (UFOs) in America and Canada from 1896 to 1897. There are chapters on actual sightings, popular culture of the time, some poems, hoaxes, crashes and more. This book stems from over 20 years of research.

Logbook, 3rd quarter, 2004. An article about an early day gyrocopter, or helicopter, invented in Goodland, Kansas.

UFO magazine, April/May 2004. An article, with illustrations, about airships from 1897.

AAA Living, November/December 2005. Edited article about Christmas sights to be seen in Iowa. The entire article was on their online web site.

Rural Electric Nebraskan, September 2005. An article, with illustrations, about Dr. Frank Brewster of Beaver City, Nebraska; the 'Flying Doctor.'

Logbook, 3rd Quarter, 2006. The story of August Werner of Imogene, Iowa, who supposedly invented a helicopter.