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"Hummingbird at The First National"  2003
I am a collagist/assemblist: a visual artist specializing in multimedia collage and assemblage.  My work utilizes paper items such as old documents,, ephemera, flower petals, stamps, paper currency, and book parts including pages, covers and spines.These elements are assembled together to produce a new form of document or artifact.  I am particularly fond of the typography and calligraphy of languages and cultures from all over the world and intermix them in ways that are often incongruous and seemingly random. Much of my work since 2001, when I joined the Santa Fe Book Arts Group has been about altered books and works inspired by the book form.


Artist's Statement
A Dedication for Daniel Sogen Sensei 2002
A Virtual Gallery
"Moon Rose" Syracuse NY 1972
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Scroll - 2004
Japanese Notebook-2006
Collaged mask- 2005
Sexy Ladies
  David Lee Hallmark
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