Hooter's eFalcon 1.10 Pit Mods


I got an email from AXXA in the ROK requesting an option to remove the standby ADI's. So I added that option. You'll have to download the new file. You can follow the same instructions and reinstall it over your previous Hooter MOD. I don't think you need to deselect or delete the Hooter MOD in F4Patch before you add it. I tested it on my computer. I added the original Hooter MOD (not required) and selected Hooter MOD and "HUD only move" then applied the new 24Aug01 Hooter MOD. I expanded the data and had no problem. Below, you can see how the directory in F4Patch will look after you add the MOD. You can remove the ADIs in both the "HUD only move" view and the normal view. If you would like to email me please write to Hooter@LasVegas.com Thank you.

ONLY Requires F4Patch & (eF) F-16 (e Team) v2.0 Cockpit PREINSTALLED
You DONT need the previous version or anything else except the file below.

****NEW***24AUG01 DOWNLOAD(6.6MB)***NEW***

F4Patch Directory

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Tactical View HUD Only View

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This is a combination of all the great ideas I've seen into one cockpit. I don't take credit for any of the hard work or ideas that originated with some of the great cockpit designers. I added the "Xis" tactical view to the eFalcon cockpit and made sure the ICP would work . Also there was some space to add an RPM guage, chaff/flare count, the ECM light, fuel flow, and fuel quantity. I also added Xis' Base maps, tacan reference pages and other map views.

The eFalcon 1.10 checklist was added as well. I rearranged the checklist. All the pretake-off and after landing checks are accessed from the left/right side, or back left/back right side (i.e. where the UFC/BACKUP switch is). Look at those views and you will see what I mean. I also added a FACK button, and pilot fault DED to the fault list page ala Paul Wilson.

I prefer the previous Jagstang's rearview and that was added. The current rear view is what I would imagine a 5' tall pilot would see. He's too short to see over the top of the seat. And while you can't rotate your cranium around 180 degree's, if you shift in your seat, twist your back and crane your neck, you can look over your right shoulder to about 7 O'clock, more than 180 degrees! Also, ICP Darken was added.

I also added a HUD only view. Neither MFD are visible but you can still toggle back to the tactical view and your MFDs don't have to be blank. (Thats the only previous way I knew of to get a HUD view without any MFDs.) There are some other options too : see the readme.

The cockpit editing resources I used where:

The following links will take you to the resources I used.