small boats for sale. kits plans patterns instructions. bass fishing ohio power? indian lake, buckeye lake hoover, alum creek, see local fishing reports. fishermans comics articles top 100. do it yourself light wieght pond hoppers and stable small platforms muti sport use fiberglass / plywood, stitch and glue techniques.
Hootie Owl Boat Works
helps Novice, Intermidiate, and Pro builders !

level 1 Study Plans Recommended for the pro builder
           novice and intermidiate find lots of info + inspiration to build    

level 2 patterns and instructions-patterns taken from our templates.
novice, intermidiate, pro-with these helpfull tools                    $80
          everyone can build a Hootie!  

level 3 The Kit- includes pre cut hull pieces, fwd and aft xsoms,        * $395
           patterns and instructions. This kit helps get the hull
           together fast!
novice, intermidiate, pro

level 4 The Works-includes level 3 kit, level 2 patterns and               ** $695
           instructions, + interior seating, supports,knees,xsom
           motor mount plates
novice, intermidiate, pro

be sure to tell us which hootie boat you are going to make!
* add $120 shipping and handling all
level 3 kits, + 960 level 4 kit
**add $180 shipping and handling
level 4 1060 Surge(2 boxes shipped)

WHHHOOOooo! HOOOOOOoooo! HOOOoootie Owl Boat Works
Custom Small Boat Design
Hootie Owl
Hootie Owl Boat Works
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Columbus, Ohio
Hootie 1060 SURGE
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Hootie 960 pram
Custom Fisherman

Hootie 1060 Surge

surfing the net?
check out  the
Bass Hole Fishin Club


Fishin Spots
  Ohio Power

fishin videos

Top 100

Local Fishing Report
level 2 instructions and patterns available! for the novice, intermidiate and pro buliders!
Hootie Owl
Boat Works!
From The Mold to the finished product. We can help you build custom small boats !
Hootie Pram 960 mold
Bass Hole Fishin Nothin Better
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Bow of 1060 Surge
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Boat Works
Hootie Pram 960  LOA  9'-6"
Hootie 1060 Surge  LOA 11'-2"
fast and sleek Quality kits, plans and instructions now available!
Custom Fisherman 12 mph 8hp
Multi - Sport 18 mph  10 hp
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