Taken from Norse mythology, Sleipnir was Odin's eight-legged steed. His colt could travel over land and sea through the air, as this music transcends time by taking the listener back to a medieval age. From chanting hymns to classical guitars to screeching vocals to ambient soundscapes, one is truly in the Dark Ages where the music is simple yet haunting with archaic melodies. Sleipnir sheds new light on the medieval folk and black metal genres.

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Dark Ages: II IV VI XI
CD The Hidden Door (2004) $12.00 CDN Funds - Sleipnir's latest includes 11 new tracks of hybrid Black Metal, Medieval Folk and Ambient Melodies

CD Dark Ages (2003) $12.00 CDN Funds - 14 tracks of hybrid Black Metal, Medieval Folk and Ambient Melodies

T-SHIRT $15.00 CDN Funds - Black, 100% Cotton, Cloaked Figures; Sizes S, M, L & XL

STICKERS $3.00 CDN Funds - 2" x 3", Black & White, Cloaked Figures

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