Abhishek Pandey

Please Don't ever test my patience;
Like a litmus test you will only make me RED or BLUE.

Intel Inside

A Poem

Specially dedicated to those who have no reason to ignore reason.

With the feelings so mush, Accompanied by the adrenaline rush ...

Profit Boo(k)ing


How to make a captive unit profitable?

Though it may not make sense, shrewd business acumen demands profits from all quarters (all nooks and corners). This is what determines the greatest businessmen from the great ones. Fire up your belly, ramp up innovation and strive to have a go at it ...

Bon Profits


Continue profit booking ...

Remember “Sky is the limit”.

An Innocent Compliment

A Poem

Special dedication to those who define emotion as e-motion that is, 'electronic motion'!

An ingenuous compliment is a cute thing,
After all I am also a human being ...

Only Paranoids Survive

A Poem

For those who need SOS in their wake-up calls.

Without hearing a thing, without uttering a word,
Why the conclusion did I derive?
You are right! But it's a bad bad world,
And here only the "Paranoids Survive"!!!

Read Between The Lines

A Wish

Specially dedicated to those who hate the obvious.

When some one says he loves you, he means it.
If he says sorry, he really regrets it ...

In Celebration of Being Alive

A Poem

Specially dedicated to the utterly optimistic type.

Come join me and watch live, My celebration of being Alive.

Reality: An Illusion

A Poem

Specially dedicated to those who always manage to stay away from illusions of reality.

I have been trusting Him till date –
This salesman of spirituality;
For all this faith and blind loyalty –
He tried to induce me into an illusion called Reality!!!

Too Discomforting

A Poem

Specially dedicated to those who just can't stop caring for them ...

It’s not a tribute to my loyalty,
It’s not a taunt on your cruelty,
But it’s truly a genuflection to your personality!

Lonely Crowd

A Poem

Specially dedicated to the lonely crowd-dwellers ...

Cometh the dusk and it’s time –
To move out of the confine,
Take the crowded lonely bus –
To the haunting cypher of traffic rush


An Essay

... if you buy into a person’s thinking or vision once, you are most likely going to buy into all other thoughts of his - this irrespective of your conviction ...

My C(h)ore Competence

About Me

Why did I spell the title this way?
Simply because a title must represent the theme!

Knowledge is a trifle different from knowing the language of your milkman ...

If They Were Right …

A Poem

I have proved them wrong once again!!!

... They say I play with words But where have they gone ...

Live Like That???

A Poem

Help! Help!! Help!!!

... Heard there’s this nightmare
Would like to keep it round here ...

Try You Should!

A Poem

It's Not Easy Dear!

Stop one of these - And I too
will go away ...
Far away from sight
to your utter delight ...

Happy or Sorry???

A Poem

If you're going through hell, keep going

... Someday you'll feel guilty
For, it was your absence ...

The PestryCIDE

A Sarcasm

Specially dedicated to those who would be more than eager to find out the sense beneath the Non-sense.

... Future will see us all cheered up,
whether we Taste The Thunder or SEVEN UP ...

EGO: Ever Gone Overboard?

A Poem

Specially dedicated to those who find a male ego too vulnerable.

Deep down the horizon, I saw a figure cryin'!
"Impossible! How could I make out this?"
Well ..., I felt like someone cryin'.

My Take

My Views & Comments

My Views & Comments on Current Topics

Topic: Welcome to Planet Bihar
Love and commitment is not about looking into each others' eyes but ...

Topic: Murthy stresses ethics, truth
A few months back, I read an article in Business World by Mr. Dinesh Kumar...

Topic: Premji's 8 steps to excellence
"Success makes modest, the people who really succeed ...

I am hiding here!


I Promise Nothing.


Nothing to Write or Display

Let Me Know You

Just to ensure no trees were destroyed during our communication. However a significant number of electrons will be terribly inconvenienced.
Don't Worry Though

Don't hold your emotions so tightly.

Let Me Know You Too

Reality Is An Illusion That Occurs Due To Lack of Alcohol.
Again Nothing To Worry!

I Assure You Won't Have Reality Syndromes

Let Me Know You

Any Force That Drags, Flicks, Kicks, Pushes or Pulls You Into An Illusion Called Reality ... It's GOD!
Keep Off From That.

I Can Help You In This

Let Me Know You

Count Your Days Before You Act ...
Who Knows You Would Have Set Yourself Unreasonably Lofty Aspirations ...

If Not, I Can Buy You One ...

Let Me Know You

I Don't Know Her, But Don't Need To Know; She Is Simply Too Good.
But She Is One & Only And My Love is Unconditional.

Don't Count Yourself With Her, I Would Like To Know You

Let Me Know You

You May Be Running Out of Time ...
Do Check Out The Time Here

... and you thought you've got all the time in the world!

Oh Please Let Me Know You

Even If You Don't, You Already Know A Lot About Me.
Thanks For The Patience ...

... And Please Don't hold your emotions so tightly.

I Am Really Sorry ...

You are victim number:


... I'll Soon Stop Bugging You! I Promise!

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