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This is the Official Journal of Hope Chia. Please do not download any pictures without our permission.

Hope was born to K.L. and Nancy Chia on July 16, 2003 with Trisomy-21 Down Syndrome. The purpose of this journal is to share with you her life, that you may pray intelligently for her and her family. We covet your continual prayers, as DS kids have a higher incidence of sickness and medical needs than normal. Prayer changes things. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous person avails much.

Norman Cousins said, "Don't deny the diagnosis, Try to defy the verdict." We serve a miracle-working, abundant life-giving, compassionate, merciful, healing God. Praise His Name forever!

Hope's Current News -- Updated July 16, 2004

Today is Hope's 1st birthday ... for a while we weren't sure we would see this day, but thanks be to God, we have arrived at this milestone. Since her open heart surgery in March, she has gained 2 lbs (now 12.5 lbs), not fantastic, but is still progress. She's thriving, and now feels like a "real baby" - active, happy, rolling around, playing with toys. Developmentally, she's only about a 5-month old.

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Picture taken in Feb 2004


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