Hey, this is my website.. Not much on here cause I am currently deleting a lot of it, but you will find some stuff about Furc on here. Go to: Furcadia Its awesome :D

Here is a picture of Joji and me! I wuuuuuv yew Joji!!!

This is Joji and me on Monday, October 7,2002!

Here are some pics and so forth! Some of me.. some screenshots from Furcadia. Zork!! The screenshots of the flag are in here, so you can see my quote!! :D Have fun. :)

Here are the screenshots from furcadia. http://www.furcadia.com

Duster and Xyna dolls. :D
All about Xyna! Yeah! :P

Here are some pictures of me. Enjoy. :)

Military Ball
Military Ball-Friends
Military Ball2
Valentine 2001
Valentine 2001(2)
Funky Pic.
Me in Camo
In camo again
Camo one more time!
Me in uniform..
Do I look like a giraffe?
I think I look like a giraffe!
Taken on July 25th, 2003.
Also taken on July 25th, 2003.
Do I look like I like my uniform?!... NO...!!!
Newest pics, in a zip. They are of me at 7/11.. o.o;;

Here are some pics of family and friends down in Port Aransas!!! :D

This is my Daddy, Vandamonium, and his Dog, D.O.G.! Who just so happens to be my brother!! :P
This is a friend of my Dad's, James, standing next to one of his friends! :D
This is my friend, Paul, and our friend Kat's dog, Spic! I'nt Spic so cute?! :P
This is my Dad's friend Paul. We call him Paulie! Doesn't he look alot like my Daddy? I think he does! He is like a father to me too!!! :P
Taken on July 26th, 2003.
Also taken on July 26th, 2003.
Taken on July 27th, 2003.
Also taken on July 27th, 2003.P
Another one, taken on July 27th, 2003.
Taken on August 2nd, 2003.