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Welcome to my hiding hole... This is where i put my poems etc and all my random goings on.

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This site is mainly about what i get upto when i'm not at college or work..and is dedicated to my freinds who have helped me through a hell of alot of stuff over the years!.
Love you guys..
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*~Blessed Be~*
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Last Day Of School Pics
My Saviours

21:09:03 Pictures of the latest buddacaan gig are up!! all of them!!

VC Gig Photos
Pictures which don't fit anywhere else
I have moved the news section to further down the page!
12:09:03 Buddacaan gig tonite!! yay!!!!
I lost my news file the other week so i'm starting again!!
peter is coming down in 20 Days!! yay me excited hes coming down on the day of meatfest!
Poems and songs
Well its been fucking agges since i wrote on here lol.. not much to report i'm tired n gettin over the flu and i'm seeing peter in 24 days again hehe happy happy!!!

Oh my god its has been tiiiiime since i've updated this thing... so much ahs happened!!
i've finished college.. got a new job. split up with peter. i'm going out with milly molly *aww* aaand i'm moving out!!!

Love you all.